02 October 2009

The time that Laura changed all her dogs' names to those of tiny little dwarves with various disabilities.

I got a lotta friends who are doctors. Some are animal doctors, some of them just sat through enough PhD school to get some doc letters before their name. Let's just call them all doc.

Our friend doc took a look at Blinky's eyes yesterday, that I thought had been looking kinda, sorta not right, and said she has to go the fancy, special dog opthomologist who is only open during hours I can't leave work. Like go to fancy doc now. In doc language, we like to call that STAT. Even though by we I mean I just have a MFA, didn't sit through enough school to get doc letters. Good thing. Because my kinda sorta not right diagnosis was, actually, just not right.

Earlier in the day, Limpy's orthopedic doc uttered the words, "Well, you COULD get the MRI done..." when I was suggesting possible alternatives to 8 weeks of crate rest that I had invented using my clearly lame powers of MFA skills in orthopedic diagnosis. Because the real doc's idea is like all the time in a crate. And only coming out to pee and poop, on a leash. And then back in the crate. For 8 weeks.

Spooky's diagnosis the other night, by a doc friend, let's call him doctor of dog agility, was just shaking his head, after watching the little fella knock out another fast and consistent, and just well, NORMAL course without spookies, and agreeing, weird.


Amy Carlson said...

If Blinky ends up being diagnosed with Retinal Atrophy I will be convinced that you and I are the same person.

My Squinty (Colby) developed that this year. She can no longer constrict her retinas and she no longer does class at Light Night. She can't adjust well in the flood lights. So, day light hour classes only for her now.

vici whisner said...

Poor Otterpop er I mean "Blinky". I sure hope all is well!

Elf said...

At least there's no Stinky in your group. At the moment.

team small dog said...

Blinky is Ruby. She gets to go to the dog opthomologist Tuesday. We've always joked about her poor eyesight, now maybe I guess we shouldn't have been joking.

Did Squinty start clouding up with redness in the tops of her eyes and have bad light sensitivity? The regular doc used a bunch of words and now I forget, so we'll see what dogthomologist says next week.

Limpy is limping along just fine. Anyone ever done a dog MRI at ucdavis?

Amy Carlson said...

Squinty has squinted for over a year, but no redness. Definitely light sensitive, she squints a lot. Hard to photograph her these days without some squinting. Some cloudiness due to the very start of cataracts. She squints more with one eye and if you look closely you can see the retina doesn't constrict as well as the other eye and it is a little frayed. Just a simple old age issue - retinal atrophy and nothing can be done about it. She does fine, except at Light Night agility class.