03 October 2009

Nancy Drew finds a million more icky clues in the case.

Gustavo and I went up to forest agility after work today and ran around a bunch with the very pleasant distractions of Jim and Kathleen and their border collies. Picked up a bunch of clues and maybe even a more broken dog so hey, solving the case by actually making the case super worse! Right! The Team Small Dog Way!

I think Dexter does this sometimes, too. But, he is a serial killer. I think that's sort of the point. A serial killer cop detective might screw up a lot. Nancy Drew was just a sorority girl with a sports car. Not supposed to screw up. Maybe just get drunk at a toga party. But then just collect the clues, flick her hair over her gabardine shoulders, solve the crime, marry a really old oil tycoon, join some kind of creepy racist secret society for ladies, run for office, wear pearls and a tennis bracelet, and end up a bitter old alcoholic with 20 cats.


Today's clues included:
A newly broken teeter totter
Hopping off the table mid count
Running away to a garden shed after refusing a tunnel. A TUNNEL.
Many, many, many missed weavepole entrances

Oh my.

But right up there with some of our worst dog show runs! So hooray for that, I think. In a Dexter is a serial killer way. The teeter totter, disturbing. All of it, disturbing. But at least he's melting down where I can try different things and get him back in that ring. Which we did. The rewards and distractions, still the main culprit. I'm watching you, rewards and distractions. Don't think I'm not.

Nobody said solving this crime, gonna be easy.

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Elf said...

I dunno, it's my recollection that Nancy Drew always made things worse before she solved the crime.