21 September 2009

TSD exclusive-Interview with Gustavo before he runs outside to bark at the garbage can.

Laura: Gustavo where did you go this weekend?

Gustavo: Vacation!

Laura: Really?

Gustavo: 6 Star Resort with blue carpeting that smells like possum butt!

Laura: This is Motel 6 you refer to?

Gustavo: Gustavo did not pee on anything!

Laura: And then where did you go?

Gustavo: In the dog cage! It is dog show so he has to sit in dog cage!

Laura: Gustavo, you won Masters Jumpers!

Gustavo: The Butthole Surfers have a song about Pepsi!

Laura: And you had a super Advanced Snookers until that little weavepole meltdown at the very, very end.

Gustavo: Because Gustavo was finished with the course and runs to the score table! Millie's lady has a Hellokitty lunchpail filled with meat!

Laura: But then there was the sort of crazy Starters Standard run that had a No Way Jose teeter totter and then you did another one of those run underneath the table things then pulled a total Hobbes no lay down on table then refused the a-frame. You can win a masters class but act like Starters Standard contact equipment is poisonous.

Gustavo: Gustavo decided to not go to the bathroom all day!

Laura: Well, you had stunning weavepoles in that Starters class but we probably should have called it quits after that. Because you forgot how to do weavepoles in your gamblers class later on.

Gustavo: Many ladies let Gustavo lick their faces and Gustavo licked possum butt blue carpet the night before!

Laura: Did you get to play any frisbee with Otterpop?

Gustavo: She just layed on top of it under a shady tree and you said No Running Otterpop and Gustavo ran away to some dumpsters for snack!

Laura: By the way. I let Otterpop run in Performance Jumpers at 8" for an experiment, which she ran super fast and made me go, hmmm. And then in normal Snookers at 12" which should have been that last stinky old SuperQ but she hit a bar and I got screwed up and so nope. No SuperQ. We call this science experiment for crappy leg.

Gustavo: Otterpop likes to get in the bathtub but do not make Gustavo get in there!

Laura: You guys must have drove Ruby crazy all day in the xpen. It was like 100degrees out there. Poor Ruby.

Gustavo: Gustavo could not see the dog agility from the 100 miles away you hid us at and there was no screaming fun joy joy screaming!

Laura: Hobbes pulled a super stinky table on me in Standard, finally laid down at the VERY LAST MINUTE. Did you talk with him about that or something, because I don't know where you ever got the idea not to lay down on the table? That was a new one.

Gustavo: Are we have snuggles yet?


vici whisner said...

Congrats on Masters Jumpers! I'm sorry I wasn't there to see it. You must post video!

Elf said...

OK, maybe 2 or 3 paragraphs for Cool Canine is just a limit that should not necessarily be enforced for certain CC reporters. [wipes away tears of laughter]