10 September 2009

The time Team Small Dog went on vacation and didn't take any of you along with us.

If you want to find us, just drive through San Francisco and go over the Golden Gate bridge. Pass Brody's house, pass the Birkenstock mother ship, pass all the North Bay agility places and cute ranches, pass the wine stuff with the really expensive restaurants.

Then keep going.

Then you'll pass the Indian casino and go west at the car sick road. Go over this just until you feel really car sick then you'll be at the brewery by the barn where the lady shoes all her own horses. You'll see the taco truck.

Start to look up into the hills. Higher. Higher.

You'll have to squint hard because it's very sunny and the hills are gold and look for 3 tiny specks dashing and running and dashing and running across the hills, up farther than you ever thought you could see.

If you get to the sea, you've gone too far. If you turn around to go back, it will already be getting dark and you won't see us. Because we'll be sitting still up on the ridge, under the old oak tree canopy, waiting for the sun to plop behind the mountains, and listening to the sound of nothing.


vici whisner said...

Have fun above the fog! We'll miss you.

Anonymous said...

Are you SURE you don't have room for me?