16 September 2009

The team returns to agility, sort of.

Last night at Dirt Nite, tried to run Ruby. Set the jumps so tiny, at 8" and she was just careening around, knocking bars, launching herself crazy like onto the table. Train wreck. Ruby. Ruby. Ruby. She needs glasses and prosthetic legs. She sure wants to run, it's just a little frightening to watch.

Ran Otterpop some, with the jumps so tiny. Am a little freaked out to run her now, worried that left knee is just about to blow. Maybe she just needs to join a swim team. Her doc will look at that leg tomorrow and see what she thinks.

But little Gustavo. Who one year ago, could not do weave poles, and had his first ever agility lesson. I looked back in time, thank you blog! Ran around in the dirty dark like a champion star. I may be flicking away like a muthaflickah, a new bad habit of mine which we have just noticed which I do under the guise of rear cross. (No wonder Hobbes gets sad when I rear cross.) I may be continually late, as I struggle to dash into each new spot out there so he knows where to go. I am still figuring out how to run him, and not always figuring out well. But he ran like a star, then came home and fell asleep in my lap.

Thanks, Gustavo. Might not be the same as running up the path to the pond, but it takes a close second.


Amy Carlson said...

It's just eerie!! How similar our lives our. If only I could write like you!! LOVED your vacation report.

Last night at class The Spurminator ran like a champ, a different dog. It was just over a year ago he started training. No more teeter worries, no concerns, like a champ. My other two, not so much. Colby needs a prosthetic eye (maybe she and Ruby can get a multi-pet discount), Roscoe needs a new drug.

Go Gustavo!!!

team small dog said...

Well, we might be the same person. Have you ever seen us in the same room at the same time?

Elf said...

OMG and now a year later little Gustavo is in masters! Way to go, little fast sometimes freaked-out dog!