23 June 2009

Monday was a very lucky day.

I'm lucky to have a Gustavo.

He's just a tiny little thing, 11lbs of fast. And I don't believe a sweeter dog, there could ever be.

I'm lucky to have forest agility nearby, and lucky to have Team Small Dog to take there.

Just up the mountain above Santa Cruz, Kathleen lives in the forest on the sand hills, and she's put 2 huge, grassy agility fields in her 20 acre yard and we can go up there and practice and run courses and do teeters. We're lucky she set up a really hard Standard course that Otterpop and Ruby could practice on.
The tiny dog, that fits in the tiny house, he even did the course, section by section, and slammed a bunch of brilliant fast and happy teeter totters.

We're lucky to have a tiny market across the street from our tiny house.

We buy beer and chips and ice cream and lottery tickets and really, all kinds of corn based products there. Bobby owns the market, we always wave at each other when he's having a smoke out front. Everyone in the neighborhood stops by the market for a snack or a smoke.

We are lucky that it's a lucky market and someone, who ISN'T US won the 39 million dollar lottery with THEIR TICKET from OUR MARKET the other day.

Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky.


Anonymous said...

OK OK I deserved to be severely chastised for being pompous (but a WHOLE post?) It was YOUR market? Wow, how lucky that it was almost you who one the lottery.

team small dog said...

Yeah I've been feeling so lucky my teeth are almost completely ground down to nubs at this point. Everyone in the neighborhood has been skulking around going, Who was it? Who was it?

Bobby gets $140,000 after taxes, he is VERY excited.

Elf said...

Oh, man, I'd be going nuts! Would almost be enough to make me regret not having bought a lottery ticket!

Elf said...

P.S. It might have been some random passer-by. My sister & bro-in-law have this theory that winning tickets never come from Safeway; they always come from little neighborhood markets or random liquor stores. So when driving around and they spot a likely market or liquor store, they might stop and buy lottery tickets. I'm sure it'll work for them someday.