14 May 2009

Today is a salute to the bravery of Otterpop.

During these dark days that some day will be known as, The Dark Days, in the process of this whole teeter totter fiasco and retrain, I need to thank a brave test pilot. Who thinks nothing of her own welfare, and jumps blindly and madly on to any teeter totter I say, flinging her stumpy little body across it at record speeds, and slamming it to a halt before launching herself off for a meager prize, a scrap of fluorescent nylon covered in dirt and teeth marks. A bravery unmatched, and profound in it's existence, since just several years ago, this test pilot suffered from the same debilitating phobia of tottering teeters. And now, avails herself to mentoring the weaker, the phobic, the skinny one who just days ago was quaking and shaking and ready to pack it all in and just give up.

Otterpop, today we salute your bravery and you are named Teeter Tester Extraordinaire.

Otterpop didn't come in to receive her award. She's busy using her bravery right now to sit in the front window and use the power of thought to blow up anyone happening to walk by our house on the way to the market to buy a paper and coffee. And kaboom and POOF. There goes another one.

Goddamnit Otterpop.


Anonymous said...

No offense, but I wouldn't call you skinny. Not that I would call you fat. Just right, weight wise.

Elf said...

Love the historic photo.