14 April 2009

Seasonal greetings from me and my yelling accountant.

I have this really nice accountant. She wears frumpy cardigan sweaters and very sensible shoes, and has a big box of kleenex on her desk in case what she tells you makes you burst into tears. Usually she has a very soft, quiet voice, except this year a lot of things about the economy and AIG and taxes made her actually yell and she sent me home to find more write-offs for my business taxes. So usually she writes off some dog stuff, but this year, because of AIG, I guess, she said, everything. Write those dogs off.

Her face all red, she shrieks, "People like you, shouldn't be paying so much taxes!"

So thanks dogs. You are written off. Maybe not everyone try this at home. I do teach dog agility for money, even though it is, ahem, not very much money. And even though, ahem, I might not be much of a teacher. And I do also have a limited liability corporation for training horses, and the dogs sort of roll into that. Because their stellar behavior and amazing winnings at dog shows should be bringing people in to take my classes by the hordes. Droves. Swarms.

Hey, come on. We're working on Go On and rear crosses right now! We play fun teeter games! Greg Derrett Lite!

So I built the dogs this Sunset magazine deck for the new sliding glass door. If by I you mean it was Brian and by Sunset Magazine deck you mean some nice wood steps that Brian said will rot eventually and are not up to code and also possums will take up residence underneath. The new sliding glass door, sort of like a dog door? I mean, they use it. And it did replace their trip to the USDAA Nationals, which would have been a tax write off. So gotta ask her that. Is like home office AND dog training item?

I guess depends how mad she is at the government next year.


Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful steps!

Paul anderson said...

Yes you can write off the dirt pile. It is used to muscle up TSD by running up and down the dirt pile so they can do better at agility, thus prompting more students to give you the big bucks for training because they want their dogs to run as good as TSD. Plus if the TSD dogs are so muscled up you could use them for endorsements and advertising, thus making even more big bucks.
You could also write off the steps for training ala "Rocky"

team small dog said...

Right! Everyone needs a dirt pile and steps. Who needs a giant, flat agility field.

Elf said...

Wish I had some dirt so that I could claim to teach people agility in it and write off some of my dogs, at least their sore spots so I could cover their medical bills, too. But I'll leave all that for the experts in dirt nighting and just be glad I have lots and lots and lots of mortgage interest.

Anonymous said...

cool remodel!!! is that a DRINK in your hand and a SMILE on your face?

Anonymous said...

wasn't I just there two-three weeks ago when there was only blue tape outlines in back room, which for me is a standard decorating choice. And now, door in and full deck. TSD moves fast. looks great.

Unknown said...

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