08 April 2009

It is like the circle of life but no dancing lion babies.

Remember when I didn't go to USDAA Nationals last year, due to the fact of USDAA Nationals costing the same as shoving a sliding glass door into the back wall of my house? Even though we had byes into the Grand Prix semi-finals and it would have been all super glamorous and just think of the exciting fashion reports I would have reported on here? Which would not have recommended this particular outfit I am showcasing for no good reason other than Satan said a green baggy shirt looks nice over a blue ringer t-shirt when I was digging something clean out of the clothes nest.

Right. There it is. Which just happens to cost the same amount of clams as I am supposed to pay extra in taxes next week. Which are due the same day as entries are due for the upcoming April USDAA trial, where I am taking on the role of garbage man to pay part of my entries. Which is the weekend before the May USDAA trial. Which would cost the same in entries as I would make schooling my beloved riders at a horse show, which happens to be on one of the same days as the trial.

So I think in mathematical terms, you can write that like this:

Sunset Magazine = Drive Dogs to Arizona for Agility Fest = Taxes - (dog show entries / garbage) + (dog show entries / ponies) - (Must sell more drawings on Etsy and Print New Shirts) = No Buying Anything Ever Again


vici whisner said...

I'm impressed by your math ability. Word problems were always the death of me.

Nice door!

Elf said...

Wow, I have the same secret weapon but I've never used it for dog photography. Because my dogs are still working out my equation; Tika and Boost disagree on whether I should stop paying my mortgage to enable 30 weekends of agility a year.

Elf said...

P.S. Nice door.

steve said...

Like the door!

Also looking forward to new Team Small Dog T-Shirts to wear at trials!

Edie said...

Screw the taxes. Screw the entry fees... go the the trials! One passion feeds another and all doors (especially expensive, gorgeous, Sunset sliding ones) will open onto endless opportunity and joy.