03 April 2009

Dos y Dos Poles, Como esta, Gustavo mi amigo?

Smashing. They are smashing.

Yeah, because of life and so forth, we haven't been able to do them every day. Just how it goes. But we are up to 4 in a line, with a big gap between them, hitting them from all the clock numbers with SPEED.

Still doing weird driveway angle poles, 2 sets of 6.

Little experiment, ran through the full set of 12 a couple times this morning, on a little course, just to see how they were going.

Smashing. They were smashing. SMASHING, yo dice.


vici whisner said...

A big wooo hooo! Looking forward to Tracs. Fin can't wait for the bi-pairs on Sunday :)

team small dog said...

I am hoping...they were even better this morning when I practiced on the way to work. Like blowing me away good. That's on the practice field though, where he is used to them. But maybe, just maybe...we have those poles at the trial?

some random female said...

Dumb question I'm sure, but when you send the dog from "XII," how does he know that he is supposed to run down to the "VI" end of the pole set-up and enter there? I understand how "around the clock" would work with a teeter that can really only be operated a certain way, but I do not understand how it works with stuff like jumps (that can be jumped in either direction) and similar.

team small dog said...

Well, here's how I interpret around the clock and have beeen doing it. For just standing there and releasing him, (so he finds poles without any motion or cues) I just work the clock numbers that start out perpendicular to the poles, and work my way around 180 degrees to the other side. So really, around the clock is more of a 180 degree arc around the bottom poles.

For when I start out running and just run fast and let him find the first set without saying anything, I do actually start anywhere and everywhere, but I run towards 6 (where the poles align to) way out on the outside and let him see that set and run in.

I dunno if this is what Susan Garrett does, but seems to be working good for Gustavo.

some random female said...

Thanks for the explanation! That makes total sense.

P.S. I can't seem to post. I apologize if I have accidentally put this comment in about twenty times.