28 April 2009

Black cloud day so Team Small Dog gets some new hobby friends.

All day, I had this black cloud floating around over my head.

All about the dogs.

I won some cold, hard cash the other day. First I thought, "Hooray! I will use it for a lesson with Jim!" Then I had this black cloud over my head and thought, "No. This is the beginning of my new life, with my new hobby and my new friends, the succulents. Because that is going to be FUN!" Look at those snails! Fun!

So I went and I got a bunch of succulents and I planted them in some dirt. Told Gustavo, "Here we go. Now this, we are all going to LOVE. Our new hobby, you guys. Succulents."

Um, Jim? You reading today? I guess I am fired forever as dog agility student. Because I traded my Jim lesson for some succulents. Tried to show the dogs, get them all hyped up about our new friends. The girl at the store said something blah blah blah about this one. I forget to listen. I always listen to Jim's puns about serpentines. Succulent listening? Not all I had cracked it up to be in my dream of new kind of fun. Turned out to be booor-ring.

"Look, Ruby! Our new friend! Succulent! Fun! Fun! Fun?"


Anonymous said...

maybe you could line up all those pots on 20"-22" spacing and have succulent weaves?

Elf said...

Have you ever seen the succulent quilt at Disneyland? On the Storybookland Canal Boats? Which is one of my favorite rides? It's gorgeous. I always wanted one like that. I tried to have one sort of like that except nothing at all the same, but then I discovered Storybookland's secret: They don't have dogs chasing squirrels or even tennis balls through their succulent quilts.

I like valpig's suggestion.