02 April 2009

All in how you look at it.

Was it April fool's yesterday? And I didn't even do anything foolish? I forgot. It's been a shitty week.

Dead cat. Dead baby horse. 3 legged dog.

Oh no. I forgot again. What happens when Laura writes something like that and here you come in the morning with your coffee and you read it, and then you get the crabbies? Sort of like you have crabs, except not so itchy and you just glower at people all morning through your eyebrows which maybe you forgot to pluck. Because you wanted to hear something dog trainy like how crappy Gustavo's weave poles were? Oops. Sorry. I forgot again. Or see a photo of a dog wart. You know that's the most often searched upon thing that brings people to my blog? Dog warts. That's what we're known for best around these parts.

Hi, new readers who just googled Dog Warts and you have found me. Are you still reading? No one around here has them anymore. Was a puppy thing. Go back to yer googling.

So here, this is cheery, in a twisted way.

Perhaps or perhaps not coincidentally, when Ruby found out she was spending Wednesday in the hospital, she because 4 legged again. Like a miracle! The dog, it can walk again. Praise Allah, Praise Jesus, Praise Nutella. No skulking around, no hopping, no leg suspended up like sooo miserable anymore. Just fine again. Took a walk around the block before I drove her down to begin her sentence in the animal hospital prison cages.

After her exam, the doc called me and said basically. Yeah. Special Ortho Doc, he can't find anything on her and she was totally sound and good. No neck. No shoulder. No leg. No nothing. Mystery ailment, continue to treat with rest and rimadyl.

Glad they did all this for free. Probably wouldn't have sent her down there if it wasn't going to be gratis. Because being a The Kind of Person Who Just Plays Jr. Vet on TV, that was exactly what I prescribed too. How many years we been going through this?

So I guess best I can hope for, maybe Ruby spending the day in the hospital scared the little terrier pants off of her and she keeps herself sound and healthy and 4 legged again? is that too much to expect? A day of listening to dog surgeries and yelping and everything that goes on back there in the back of the animal hospital, feeling a little bit more happy to walk around on her own 4 legs? Who did she think she's fooling?

Honestly, I don't care about her being able to do agility. If she only ever walks slowly on the beach, and has to stay on a leash in the forest, I'm ok with that. I'm just happy to have her here, and in one piece, over there in her dog bed, chomping away on a bone, and able to still wave that little stump of a tail back and forth like someone shot it full of meth then dipped it in caffeine and it can't sit still, even for a second. Not one second. Then when you see her, marching to the beat of whatever drummer that is Ruby listens to, run across the room, grab that dirty old ball, and run it into a corner, stand there for a minute chomping on it, then run back across the floor again. Maybe not the rest the doctor ordered. But I just feel like I want to see it today.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for following Reader's Digest guidelines by the end, especially since we're out of coffee, and tea was not going to cure the severe case of crabs that the dead baby horse was going to give me. Good customer service TSD! Way to go!

Jen Lindsay said...

I have Team Small Dog to blame for "She Blinded Me with Science" playing in my head over and over and over again since yesterday's morning cup of coffee. But I am glad Ruby is doing better.

Katie Trachte said...

This is a silly question BUT.. have you had her tested for Lyme? Lyme throws crazy symptoms, inexplicable lameness and changes in mood are common symptoms... They can so a SNAP 4DX test that doesn't cost a lot....

hope she feels better soon!!!!!!

team small dog said...

Hmm, no one has ever mentioned Lyme's to me. I know they have always been on flea and tick stuff so no one gets ticks. She's had these lameness issues for about 3 years though. I will ask my vet about it.