26 March 2009

Systematic mayhem.

We tried to use the Linda Mecklenburg system at Dirt Nite last night.

For about 2 minutes. Because I didn't read the whole article and mostly only know what I've seen people do that come from far off lands to big trials. But it's sort of backwards arm from Greg Derrett arm and you face the dog and it made the dogs go backwards in a threadle and that was that. And now I let my Clean Run subscription run out and I'll never know how the story ends.

So I also didn't watch the Susan Garrett weave DVD. Or read the pamphlet. But, I guess that's what I've been teaching Gustavo. I drive around with stick in the ground poles and stick em in the ground and have him blast off from all the hell all over and back and go through them. He can do 4 of them now. Basically teaching him when flat out ass hauling, to go through the first poles he sees. Emphasis on first. Just not happening from a recipe. With rules.

Gonna take my sticks to the forest next, and the beach. Gonna take those sticks everywhere you can carry 4 plastic sticks with spikes on the bottom. Anywhere Gustavo likes to run, here comes me and my sticks.

Not sure how close my rip off of her method is to her real method. I know my attention span of a flea would rather go sit in a bar and listen to Canadian bands than watch that DVD. But I do know my method is based on one important thing. Gustavo loves to run really, really fast. It's just that simple and that's what makes him tick. So I have to teach him a way to see those first poles based on his Gustavoness. Haul ass and rip and just learn to look for some black sticks stuck in the ground, everywhere you love. That's the system.


OBay Shelties said...

Sounds like a good system to me!

Simba said...

sounds like Simba!!