28 March 2009

Dos y Dos Para Tejer con our Amigo, Gustavo.

Susan Garrett, you won't sue me, right? This isn't your 2x2 method I'm regurgitating here, because I haven't seen the movie. Or read the book. I do like Canadian music though! Do you love the Sadies, Susan Garrett? Or Black Mountain? Total stoner music. Loud, loud, loud. But I digress. Because today, we are going to talk about the systematic way I'm re-teaching Gustavo to weave. To tejer. And I'm going to call this method Dos y Dos. Because Gustavo speaks Spanish way better than English and we are trying to make this Clear as Day, Gustavo. Simple. Easy. Anyone can do it, at any speed. Spanglish or English.

It's a multi pronged attack. Attack, I say! For our method, we need first of all, a chicken.

A chicken? Does Susan Garrett use a chicken? Pollo? No se. I didn't watch the movie. But Gustavo likes a chicken, and chicken we use. The secret of this chicken? It is hollow. Long ago de-stuffed by dogs, yet the now hollow cavity is a handy place to hide some string cheese. And also, Gustavo really likes to play with the chicken. And eat string cheese. And for this method, your dog has to be super happy about running to get something. El pollo, totally fits that bill

And you need some sticks. You can also use 2 set weave poles. Or your regular weave poles with bases and just stick tupperwares over the protruding impalement objects left over when you pull the poles out of them.

Sticks are nice because you can drag them around in the car and pull over every time you see some nice grass and you want to do some dos y dos poles with your chicken. Explain that one to the nice officer.

The other prong of attack is driveway weaves. I have been setting up 2 sets of 6 into totally weird, crackhead configurations and challenging everyone to just do them. Because Gustavo has stellar, super fast 12 poles already in the driveway. So we gotta turn up the heat here. This is hard for everybody, even el tejar perro extraordinaire, Otterpop.

Stuff like that.

And that. God, my driveway is such a ghetto. Don't mind the garbage cans. Just you wait though. Til that porch is painted and for the surprise that starts happening next week when, surprise, Brian is going to rip the back wall of the house off and put the sliding glass door in. Remember how I didn't go to the USDAA Nationals this year because I wanted a sliding glass door? Aloha Bobby AND Rose, sliding glass door on the way as long as the house doesn't fall down when Brian rips the back wall off. How's that going to affect weave poles? Hola!

Um, did I digress?

Anyways. Those 2 sticks, I started working around the clock until Gustavo was running like a madman into them from anywhere I stood, or us running together at mad speeds from anywhere. And every time he did it right, throw el pollo. Gracias, el pollo. Uh, I should mention by around the clock, I'm not doing these, like instead of going to work or sleeping on the couch or staring inside the refrigerator waiting for the pie to appear. Like I pretend the grass is a clock and Gustavo needs to go into the weaves from every single number.

In a few days, we added 2 more sticks. I like to call this part, Dos Mas. When he could run through them straight on, started changing the angle every day. Making it more offset, still running at them from anywhere, as super fast as we could. Goal Being, MIRA! LOOK AT THE STICKS, Gustavo, and run fast into them because you see them. MIRA!

Simultaneous with that, driveway poles on crazy angles. Fun for everyone.

Backwards and forwards.

Trying not to cue to go find the other set. Ruby. Ruby likes to learn new things. She cracks me up. She is the Operant Dog. This shows total proof of cheating and cueing her to go out and find that other set. I suck. I admit it. I suck, yet will also have a sliding glass door. You got one of those?

Here's the little hombre now. Vaya con dios, con much gusto, Gustavo. Andale! Rapido! Y mira that pole.


Kathleen said...

Hey, Laura, when is YOUR 2x2 DVD, "Dos y Dos Para Tejer con Sticks y en un Driveway", coming out? I'd buy it.....

team small dog said...

Likely some of it will start showing up on youtube for the low, low price of nada. Except I have to edit out when I get carried away in the excitement of it all and make my own chicken sounds.

Simba said...

muy bueno!

Can't wait to learn to weave this spring! 2x2's rock!