03 March 2009

5 Ways to Blow Gustavo's Mind.

Oh yeah. For a sweet, chill little dude, he can get all trippin'.

Dog in the Mirror.
Get a mirror. Put it on the floor. WHOA TRIPPY! Dog in the mirror! Make for extra trippy by standing behind him and he sees your face in the mirror then he turns around and sees your face not in the mirror then he turns back around and he sees your face in the mirror. WHOA SUPER INTENSO TRIPPY DUDE!

Garbage Can on the Street.
Put the garbage cans out on the street. Put him out in the front yard. WHOA TRIPPY! Garbage Cans in the STREET! In the STREET! WEREN'T THERE BEFORE! And now they ARE!

A Bag Blew into the Gutter Across the Street.
Stick him up in the window sill. A bag will blow by in the breeze and get stuck in the gutter across the street. WHOA TRIPPY! There is a bag there! And before there WASN'T! Now there IS! Blow your MIND!

A Cat is There.
Take a walk. On our street where cats walk around everywhere. CATS! Everywhere! WHOA TRIPPY! Cats! Get em! Cats! CATS! CATS!

A Border Collie is Doing Dog Agility.
Go to agility. Tie Gustavo up to the fence. Do agility with a border collie, or watch someone else do agility with a border collie. WHOA TRIPPY! Border collie running fast! Fast! FAST! Go get em! FAST!


Elf said...

What a fun series! Sounds a lot like Boost (although she gets better with every passing year). Oh! A large rock! It wasn't there yesterday! (It was on the other side of the walkway.) Oh! A garden chair! It wasn't there yesterday! (It was on the other side of the patio.) I've never had a dog so concerned about changes to the environment. I read somewhere that that's something that BCs are bred to be aware of. So maybe Gustavo's BC!

Agility Foot said...

My BC went crazy when the cutting board moved from the kitchen counter to the dish rack!

team small dog said...

The cutting board has moved across the counter! Trippy! The rock! Moved! Trippy! Maybe Gustavo is a BC. But I think actually, he is not.

Anonymous said...

*What* are those red things in #1?

team small dog said...

Trees? But the trippy kind.