29 January 2009

This picture has nothing to do with the rotten sounds they make at night.

Look. They are so adorable. Little cute muffins of Team Small Dog. Makes me wish I had my own.

No they don't. Not if you are a member of Rob's Late Nite Dirt Nite Class. And you have to hear constant BARKING and shrill, high pitched, crate hole making monkey shrieking all night long.

Other class members, talented agility dogs who are also well behaved and valuable members of society and likely rescue people from crack dealers with machetes and save old ladies from burning cars on collapsing bridges, all the while remaining quiet and polite and have perfectly dremmeled toenails.

My dogs? Me, the lady running the most dogs? Who should be good at training them by now? And hi, let's don't forget I am also one of the agility teachers god help us, delinquents. Total, complete utter, ill behaved delinquents. The shame of it all.


vici whisner said...

Join the club. I can not tell you how frustrating it is. Other people (not Rob of course) look at me like, can't you stop that screaming?
Why do you think that I set up my canopy so far from the ring? Or leave my dogs in the car parked a mile from where I need to be. This is NOT my idea of a fitness program.
Sometime come by our tent when we are at a bayteam trial in Santa Clara (where you really need to set up a canopy). We've got dogs that are in pens that would do Hanible Lector proud.
All in the hopes that they won't drive our neighbors crazy.

team small dog said...

Yeah, I am usually in the far away club at trials, too. Gustavo is better now than when he was younger, but man o man, the sound. Poor Ruby. Not only is she a good dog and sits there all behaved but she hates loud sounds, they make her crazy. Yes it is good Rob doesn't care. Because one of the dogs sometimes joining in and who sits conveniently with my dogs sure has one loud bark. But his has an off switch.

Anonymous said...

Your pups just want to be with you. You should be proud moms. My BC barks and screams but I bury her down deep in the ground, in her dark crate and dig her up when it's our turn to run at Rob's Tuesday night class in Turlock. It's a very noisy group, BC's, corgi's, chihuahuas...terv's. :-)

team small dog said...

Augh it makes me so CRAZYYY THE NOISE!!

Elf said...

You should try to teach them to bark on command. It worked for me. Here's how. Tika drives me nuts barking at things and won't stop no matter how loudly I yell "Quieeeettttt!" So I decided to start giving her a cue to "Speak" every time she barked. WHich shut her up immediately. So she won't bark when I tell her to. Just another useful training tip from Taj MuttHall.

Anonymous said...

Elf, that's brilliant. I'm going to start clicker training Ariel to eat paint balls right away!

Laura, I don't mind Gustavo's incredibly ear-splitting screams at all. It adds to the thrill of Dirt Night.

team small dog said...

OK. So I go, "Speak" and when they stop barking I click and give them each a paintball?

And if they just keep barking, I guess I could just get one of those fur hats with earflaps and just pull the earflaps over my ears and save all my paintballs to trade for useful goods and services.