04 January 2009

Hello and today we review the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Well. You've all heard about this movie because it's the kind of movie that has something for everyone. Slums! Dogs! Millionaires! Even my dad liked this movie!

It is also a good movie to see at a movie theater close to your house because possibly your husband loses the only key to his car either before, during or after arriving at the movie in the car, and you may be walking home. Hopefully you wore sturdy boots and not high heels! And a warm hat! And good pants for crawling around on a sticky movie theater floor with a flashlight looking for keys.

These antics pale in comparison to the hijinks of orphans Jamal and Salim in Mumbai. The director is the same guy that made Trainspotting, one of my most favorite movies ever. His name is Danny! Sort of like you cross City of God except not in Brazil with a No Doubt video except no blondes or ska music and let Baz Luhrman fetch tea and help out with color coordinating. Tea fetchers in India are called Chai Wallahs. There are trains and taj mahals and cute kids and horrible poverty. I'm not kidding about something for everyone. It sort of scooches genres together and there is love and there is hate and there is suspense and there are sex slaves and literary references and one big dance scene with bright yellow scarves fluttering in the background. It's not highbrow, yet not lowbrow. Sort of unibrow, but in a peppy way.

Slums: Many. Dirty. Big. Includes chase scenes.

Dogs: Some. Not one dies at all during this movie. If you want to see a movie where the dog doesn't die, this is totally your movie.

Millionaires: So not spoiling the fun for you if you didn't see this movie already. But I keep seeing it refered to as The Feel Good Movie of the Year. Just saying.

Closing Credit Titles: You know the typeface I use when I caption photos here most of the time? Type snobs, you totally recognize good old House Gothic Three Bold, total old school House Industries face with little roofs and descenders added on. Oh my god! Don't you love it when you see type you love repurposed? Who else recognized that typeface?

Can you bring your kids: Do they like torture by the police? Do you want them to learn how to hang upside down from a train roof with a rope? Did they like Bambi? If you answered yes and you don't have handgun rules around your house, then bring your kids!

Can you bring your dog: Can you get it into a tote bag?

Actors: Super cute kids that grow up into super foxy super stars. Plus some other actors too. I think they are all from India. And tons and tons of extras so you can see what it looks like inside a call center and on busy streets in India. I think they all did a fine job. Look happy! Look sad! Look scared! Look lovey! Run!

So maybe not like totally deep, but look who is writing your review. Just go see it, you will like it.

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