14 January 2009

And today, I will let you in on a little secret I'm going to call the Secret to Life.

Richard Todd took this, not me.

That sounds like a big secret.

Even when stuff is going pretty crappy, try to find a way to stay happy. Can you just keep shuffling forward? Slow is ok.

You are at the beach. The sun is going down. There might be a lot of crummy doings going on during other parts of life, but this part is looking all right and it's low tide. A Ranger shows up, and maybe it is even Officer Walters. Who walks like a lumpy, lumbering ape. You just down all the dogs, clip them up on leashes, and sit your butt in the wet sand and watch the sun as it drops down, like a runny yet somewhat firm egg yolk dropping into blue, gummy plastic but is actually a sea. You don't look at the Ranger. You just sit and stare and maybe count to 10 a couple times and think, it's ok. No one is about to amputate my leg with a chainsaw. I have a house and the internet and teeth and all my dogs are the best ones.

Then when the Ranger finally leaves, and you sit there a while longer, and you are not even that mad you have a totally wet, sandy ass. Things, they could be worse.