27 December 2008

What day is it today?

I know. I was gone a really long time. I was busy having a White Christmas.

We got snowed in.

That whole blizzard business. Brrrrr. Had to put on an actual sweater a couple times.

Was also just super busy. Can't even tell you.

There was just so much to do.

Everyone foraging for food all the time. And the internet was broken.

Luckily, there was good tv. It was about squirrels.

That show was on a lot.

Some days, we were so busy no one even took off their jammies. What with the blizzard and all.

Captain Hook, still in jammies.

Also, I was held prisoner on a pirate ship part of the week so how am I supposed to write a blog when I'm trapped in a cage by those scurvey poop decks?

Captain Hook looks like he's taking Gustavo prisoner. So I had to rescue him and all that and that really took up a lot of time.

No one even had time to take a nap.

Except him.

Hope everybody had as fun a Christmas as me!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome adventure. Thanks for sharing :)