09 December 2008

Welcome back to driveway weave poles.

It's been a while. But Gustavo runs Steeplechase for his first time this weekend, and boy oh boy oh boy oh boy do I want him to get his poles. They've been great every time I practice, aside from last time we had our lesson from Jim and Gustavo couldn't do the poles at all. Ahem.

He's only every done them once in a trial, his first time in Gamblers. Took 2 tries to make it through. Other than that, just done some Jumpers. Moves up to Advanced this weekend in that. He's entered in something else but I forget what. Was too scared of poles and teeters to put him on a DAM team. Not sure what's going to happen in that Steeplechase run. Wouldn't it be cool if he just DID THEM?

Moved the car. So we can start all the way out in the street and run REALLY FAST up the driveway and make the entrance.

Except in Steeplechase, no driveway. No sheep watching through the fence. No tupperware waiting at the end.

Wouldn't it be cool if he just DID THEM?


Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Do you often practice tunnels or jumps into the weaves? I realized this was a big issue with my "weaves? what weaves?" dog. I had spent a lot of time practicing JUST WEAVES and not tiny sequences including weaves.

Just an idea. Good luck!

team small dog said...

Yes! Luckily I rent a field to practice in where we can set up all kinds weave drills and sequences. Unfortunately in my tiny driveway, that's it. Weaves. Without the car there, I could put a jump in the street, but you know. Street agility. On a busy street. Not a popular sport for a reason.

Double S said...


I have great confidence in you and the Goo-man. I'm sure that all will go well this weekend, even if parts of it aren't perfect (this is dog-world, after all!) We will be sending good-weave vibes your way just to be sure.

Hell, even if he misses his weaves, he's sure to impress with his crazy speed-demonly ways!