10 December 2008

Just in case, and also mini cat training tutorial.

Just in case we all fail miserably this weekend, let the record show:

Set up a bunch of super fast, mini Steeplechase-esque sequences into weave poles yesterday morning at the practice field. Also some super fast running a-frame sequences. I invented these myself. Course design strategy? Basically just dragged stuff around so I could keep making new versions of stuff like FAST FAST FAST FLY INTO POLES FAST FAST FAST. And then FAST FAST FAST FLY OVER A-FRAME FAST FAST FAST. Then would move the jumps and drag the tunnel and then try a new version of FAST FAST FAST FLY INTO POLES FAST FAST FAST and then FAST FAST FAST FLY OVER A-FRAME FAST FAST FAST.

Guess who did not miss a pole, not once, not twice, not ever? Hoo Goo, that's Who!

The girl dogs were on-it too. Worked on them getting into a frenzied fast place where accuracy still counted. But really, today's practice was for Goo. I think having our friend frisbee around makes a big difference. And super jackpot award of of insane dog frisbee helps for extra good speed or poles or whatever was looking gooood at the time.

Here. I'm going to put this here, in case it's a weepy trial of sad. You never know. It's team. The dreaded spectre of E looms. And weave pole expectations in Puppy's First Steeplechase.

Pretend you're in the future now. Like time travel but way cheaper!

Hey, remember last Tuesday and everyone practiced so super fast and weave pole getting and not bar knocking and perfect focus and drive and everyone was a CHAMPION!

Just in case.


Double S said...

What up with the cat inside, Cap'n? Um, forgive me if I am jinxing you, as I'm sure the Team loves the all-new Cat TV feature you're currently screening in the house, but what about FLEAS?????? Hoping for your sake that you have already covered this base and slathered said cat in Frontline or Revolution. Or something.

Like that grammar you use in the caption of photo #1. Fer serious. I always forget that you shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition.

Anonymous said...

OK, it hadn't occurred to me yet to be freaked out about the dreaded E that lets down the team.
The other team. The temporary Ariel and the Dreamsicles Team. Will it be a Good Dream? Will it be a Bad Dream? Will it be a Disturbing Dream? Will it be Dashed Dreams? Will it be the Answer to All Our Dreams?

Sue R. told me the sports psychology needed for agility: Valium. Great. (I wonder what's she's like in real life if all this time I've been watching her run on Valium?)

I think I might have had another day or two of not worrying about about Letting Down My Team (and not practicing except to have Ariel on a diet because she is too fat, but all it's doing is making her fatter--metabolism becoming super-efficient effect, you know that effect, right?--and sad that I am making her hungry, and training really hard by calling my son to tell him I won't be home from work for lunch today to practice with Ariel and will he please take her to the beach and just let her run around wildly).

But I did watch half a a Greg Derrett video. Now Ariel just stops dead in front of jumps waiting for me to tell her which way to go. Maybe should watch the whole video.

(In between sneaking episodes of The Wire, Season 2, your fault Laura for telling me oh how great it is, and yeah it is and THANKS for letting me know that Omar doesn't die, at least not before Season 5, and DON'T LET ANY MORE DETAILS SLIP, OK. Some people are only on Season 2. But if we let you down for Team, ok, then, go ahead, spill all the beans.)

team small dog said...

Let the record show, all I said was, "Say Hi to Omar for me..."

Team is fun and not to be freaked out over. Until you E. Then it just sucks. So yes, should not be occurring to you to freak out over an E! That would be the future! Wait and see if it becomes the past before you freak out.