03 December 2008

Here is a total plug for Richard Todd.

Hey. These are not my photos. That's right. Special guest photographer today. Because?

Let's say I was brain dead when I would normally be writing you some kind of Fascinating Little Story about something like, say, prairie dresses or running contacts or cooking yams or going to court.

And being totally and completely and utterly devoted to all you shwag buyers readers who are paying for January's dog show entry fees showing your love by buying shwag making me exactly 4 centavos, I'm like, must post on blog. Note-read that back to yourself in zombie voice. Muuuuussstt poooossst ooonn bbbblloooooggg. Like that.

And did I mention I'm like, uh, brain dead. Long day.

Sunset Magazine? Those remodel-ly types, never brain dead. Just slave on with their hand glazed Mexican tile laying. Assholes. I want to lay down on the floor and never get up, just to get back at you, tireless home remodeler with your palm trees in vintage pots. I know. You think I live the life of Oprah and frolick around with my dogs all day. But ha ha! I FOOL you! I go to work and keep it secret from you all the time. And sometimes I am TIRED!

Uh, genius strikes?

Richard's photos!

Richard Todd, photographer in an artsy way of stuff that moves fast.

He took like 14 million pictures of Team Small Dog. Maybe you want to have him take pictures of your dogs. Or kids or horses or whatever. Here's how you find him. View this random selection of 8 of his photos. I'll just be laying over here on the floor.


Simba said...

They are FANTASTIC photos!!



Anonymous said...

Although most of us are addicted to our daily dose of Team Small Dog. You could do like Leno or Carson do and just put up a "Best of Team Small Dog" Gives you a break and the rest of us won't spend the day with the shakes or drumming our fingers on the desk

Elf said...

He always does great work. I thought he worked only in black & white?

Anonymous said...

ELF: TSD dogs only come in black & white, so all is as it should be.

Amber-Mae said...

Really pawsome pictures!!!!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Double S said...

Those pics really round out the TSD-blog experience, Captain. It's like we got to go to the beach with you and the little black dogs. Love the pics, esp the silhouette of Gustavo.

Hope you are recovering from whatever it was that left you so exhausted...