12 November 2008

We are sort of like the Brady Bunch but no Alice.

Team Small Dog seems to be one happy family again. Otterpop is snapping out of her freakout mode, Ruby is happy about this, and Gustavo is less manic and wild. And Black Beauty. Little Black Beauty runs around and sits on laps and plays with the dog toy and just wants to stay here.

I would say she is still a foster. Remember when the Brady's got Oliver? Then soon went off the air? What was he, that little miniaturized John Denver smurf? Orphan? Foster child? Picked up somewhere by Sam the Butcher? I think the parents dumped him there to go on safari and were eaten by lions was the real story. Right?

I think Marcia was a-ok with Oliver. Ruby is a Marcia Marcia Marcia. Otterpop, total Jan. You know how she used to moonlight as a teen hooker on bad afterschool specials and Love Boat episodes and was always a little bit off? Not quite right, that Jan. Rode at my barn when I was a teenager. Smoked a lot. A little on the verge. She probably cast voodoo spells on the Brady's Oliver at night from that Jack and Jill bathroom that all those kids had to share. Gustavo? Bobby Brady. He grew up to do NASCAR, right? Was super happy to get an Oliver that the other boys would pee on instead of him.

So did Oliver stay a Brady? Live forever in that Studio City tract house with the lava rock facade? And no termites? Or did he move on to somewhere else? Or is Black Beauty a Peter and I am just all wrong here? And damn, would our lives all be a whole lot better if Alice lived here too.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I need an Alice. Alice I can't fight my height card! Please find it!

Elayne said...

What I would give for an Alice (sigh).

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Alice doesn't live here anymore. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Pre-tomorrow advisory. Laura, no one meant it! I swear to you, no one meant it! Small dogs count! Each small dog counts as much as one big dog! Big dogs are overrated! I swear. You don't *have* to write about the Dirt Night Zombies who invaded Gustavo's run and dissed Small Dogs. Ruby was perfect! Big Dogs, not so much!