22 November 2008

I still do not live in Sunset Magazine.

You read Sunset Magazine? You know how I feel about it. I believe I have blamed my entire gopher universe on it. I love it so much I want to smash it into a million pieces by chomping my teeth and stomping on it and then grinding it up with garden shears. Like I have total Sunset Magazine lust except the smashing/grinding would be due to, like, THAT is never going to happen. THAT being anything in there. Cooking. Planting. Phaging. Remodeling. Zilcho. Attempting just makes it worse. I am like in the paralell universe of Sunset. SunUpYetSmoggy Magazine. Where home decor is horse paint by numbers and faux taxidermied owls and a lot of dust and we eat taqueria y pizza for wholesome meals and our plants are dead and there are weave poles in the side yard. I mean driveway. Instead of pavers and a little fountain.

But Team Small Dog gets a nice mention in there, December issue, page 15. Sort of a good runner up prize for all my dust.

I made a fountain once, btw. Just like Sunset said for soothingness and so forth. First it leaked, then it broke, then became the mosquito and insect haven of disease. Just like Sunset, except for with disease.


Anonymous said...

Okay I guess you are going all copyright infringement NOT on us here. Meaning we have to go buy Sunset Magazine to see page 15. Searching their web site does not work.

team small dog said...

It is not worth buying a copy of to see. They just published an excerpt from a post about Sunset Magazine. No picture though. You have already read it, I linked to it above. Actually pretty lame. I thought they were going to use a gopher picture.

some random female said...

You are expanding your sphere of influence!