15 November 2008

Courtroom mini drama, if by drama you actually mean slaughter.

Courtroom drama coming up next week. My trial's on Tuesday. Met with my legal/fashion advice team for pizza and beer last night.

The good news. I now have some nice gray pinstriped pants and a conservative scoop neck sweatery thing to wear. I will be dressed exactly like a financial advisor. Because that's who gave me the outfit. We're the same size. She wears stuff like that every day.

The bad news. One of my legal team, actual attorney. Spends a lot of time around judges and depositions and trials. Sort of a pro. Is a pro. Heard my spiel, and just shot it all to hell. She was judge Kim. Quick as lightning, that silvertongued attorney friend of mine.

Have a little bit of work to do before Tuesday. A lot of work to do before Tuesday. So that when I get shot down by the judge, arrow goes right through my heart, at least I do it with class and style. In some nice pinstriped wool blend pants.


Anonymous said...

I think I remember my first trial -- back in 1988. I had been an attorney for six months, the lawyer I worked for had a death in the family so I was trying a first degree felony -- surely that is per se malpractice. I was so nervous. BUT the client was acquitted and I survived. You'll do well! Just remember to breathe and look pleasant, keep your notes organized by witness, opening, and closing -- and you'll be just fine.

You'll let everyone know how it was?

Anonymous said...

November's been going pretty well so far, no? I think you'll come out on top.