20 November 2008

Courtroom Drama Post Game Play by Play - Serving the community sort of like at McDonalds.

OK. So you know for my sentence, I got community service. For an as yet to be worked out community group that is part of the court referral community service program. You know how this works? Let's do a little math.

My actual fine to pay was $210. For walking dogs around where in the same park that I always have. A tax dollar supported park. I'm self employed. I pay A LOT of taxes, my friends. I'm the one that always votes on things to raise our taxes for stuff in the community like schools. I'm a nice person that way. Only a criminal in that I still want to walk my dogs like I always have been able to do, all through the history of my life.

Anyways. Can you say still not exactly over this? The amount of community service needed to do that is the equivalent of that fine is 27 hours.

Then, you also have to pay the administrative cost for setting up the community service. That would be $55.

Here's the math part.

$210 minus $55 is $155.

$155 divided by 27 hours $5.74.

So that's what my hourly time is worth. Not even Six Bucks.

Nice. When does this alleged community service take place? Likely, during the time I'd normally be walking the dogs. I guess. Haven't even figured that out yet. I think that's part of the equation here where I end up with negative Zero.

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Anonymous said...

You need a community service job that requires canine assistance. You know, so you can be walking the dogs WHILE you are performing this $5.74/hr job.

Maybe you can become a volunteer park ranger? Oops, sorry. Maybe that wasn't so funny. But I know for a fact there are community service jobs that are dog-friendly, even small-black-dogs-with-attitude-friendly. And think of all the wonderful outreach you and TSD could be doing for The Cause when people encounter you doing community service with dogs in tow!

I'll be anxiously waiting to see how you turn a criminal sentence into a golden opportunity. Ranger Whatsername will be so impressed!

Also, possibly a TSD Courtroom Drama book deal in your future! Isn't that the way it works in Amerika?