26 November 2008

Cosmic deep thoughts about the sea.

My dogs are always wet and sandy.

For as much time as we spend here, do you think I ever put a foot in there, or float on it, or swim in it, or actually touch the water?

No way. Not gonna happen. Am addicted to the shore, but I hate the water.

Over my dead body you catch me out there in a wetsuit.

I like the edge. Right where water makes the white line at the sand.

It's like, cosmic, dude. When you're right there at the edge, it's just one big Pacific Ocean out there forever, the only thing out in front of me. One foot can be in the sand, one foot in the sea if you want. Almost walking in two worlds.

And then go to work with one super dripping, cold, sandy foot and pants leg.


Anonymous said...

DUDE! Poetic, man.

Agility Foot said...

No way. You step into that water and you automatically become part of the food chain. The edge is safe.

Double S said...

Such cute pics of Gustavo and the gang. Esp the one of him dragging the seaweed. Sending a big Turkey Day shout-out of luv to the Team!