01 October 2008

What Would YOU Give Up?

Black Beauty offered to have her photo taken FIVE times, if it would help elect Barack Obama. For a little sidekick, that is dedication. Thanks, Black Beauty.

Otterpop said she would shut up and stop barking so we can hear the news up until the election, and also would be willing to give up those 4 Gambler's Q's that are keeping her from her ADCh (That is her BIG Championship thing, my non agility friends) to keep McCain out of office.

Ruby said she would give up her flawless running dogwalk contact. That she practiced all summer long. Ruby, you have the heart of a saint.

Gustavo said if it helps Obama move to the White House, he will donate all running a-frames for as long as he needs to.

Although we practiced today. And I videoed EVERY SINGLE A-FRAME. All dogs. Won't torture you with this super boring video of dogs running down their a-frame contact. Except with the info that no one, Gustavo included, missed a contact. Or nearly missed one. All were inside the same contact zone as usual, same zone for each dog. Thanks, puzzlement of why so many missed contacts only on JIM'S a-frame.

So he thought he'd give up poles. You know, like giving up chocolate for Lent. I say that doesn't count. If it gets Obama elected, Gustavo donates running a-frames just in trials.

So if you start seeing some way sloppy agility from Team Small Dog coming up, it is for a really good cause.


pherface said...

I'll give up cheese for a month! It doesn't sound like much...but I've never been able to do it...
So, are you gonna change her name? I think that's what someone else was getting at yesterday.

team small dog said...

Very good-no cheese for Barack!
I am kind of just used to calling her Black Beauty. A nice, classic pony name. For a chihuahua.