28 October 2008

A few simple rules to make it all go smoothly.

Let's see if I can get this straight.

Gustavo bugs Matilda. She is bigger but he is faster. Watch them around the ball.

Watch the kids around all the dogs. Except Nicky around Matilda.

Watch Otterpop around Ruby. Especially when Matilda is there. Otterpop and Beauty can sleep in crates.

Ruby and Otterpop can ride in the crate together. When Nicky is in the car, stuff Beauty and Gustavo in a crate together. Don't leave any dogs alone. Just stuff them all in crates somehow.

If Nicky not in car, then Gustavo can ride without Beauty.

Ruby and Otterpop have to be near each other at all times or you have to watch Otterpop.

Otterpop has to be near me at all times or she starts to stress out then you have to watch her around Ruby.

Make sure Nicky doesn't chase Beauty.

Watch Gustavo and Matilda around the food.

Don't forget Yellow, whatever you do. If you do, then drive back and get Yellow. Make sure to take out the car seat and then there's room for the other dog crate.

Don't let Gustavo lick the baby.

OK. Once you've done all that, multiply one toddler times 4, subtract 3 if baby is sleeping, add in the whole Whittier double bonus point trips, which are actually exponential, divide by shady parking space (although subtract 8 when there are no parking spaces), don't count the knee replacement, and then you have the answer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've got it down. Now you need to add a couple of human kids to your own family to increase the challenge (move up to masters level, as it were).

Just k-k-k-k-k-kidding :)