03 October 2008

Black Beauty-Political Commentary for our Election Season.

So Black Beauty might not really have a future in agility. Pero, yo pienso que tiene a future in political analysis.

Black Beauty doesn't CARE if there was no dog running after a long hard day of sitting in the dog pen at work. Black Beauty understands we have to watch the tv at 6pm sharp to see the debate. Black Beauty has manners that do not involve launching one's self across the room at another dog to steal the squirrel and barking REALLY LOUD and obnoxious. Black Beauty didn't even know about the Minnesota accent until now. But she is enthralled.

I'm going to rent Fargo for Black Beauty soon. She can sit quietly and watch Frances McDormand channel all things Minnesota. Like some of my relatives, whose names I won't tell you to protect their identities here, especially if their names are Mom and Auntie Judy. Sarah Palin sounds just like all of them, you betcha. Golly gee. Don't know why. Never been up to Alaska, it's not really my neighbor, it's attached to a foreign country, which is sort of my neighbor, if you count Oregon and Washington as neighbors but neighbors that are patriotic and American and have Main Streets, then the foreign country, then Alaska, then Russia. If you think about it, yeah, Alaska is basically surrounded by foreign countries. It's just way different up there.

There's different customs maybe. So maybe in Alaska, if someone asks you a question, you just answer it however you want.

Let's play Alaska, Black Beauty. I'll start.

"Black Beauty, do you want to live here with us?"


"Black Beauty, inquiring minds want to know how old you are?"

"Pollo! Energy Bill! I want to talk about the Energy Bill now!"

"Black Beauty. You are not answering my questions."

"Because of the Job Creation on Main Street for the American People! Job Creation!"

"Black Beauty. What about climate change?"

Black Beauty pauses for a moment. "No esta caused by peoples. Not peoples. But the magical emissions not cause by the peoples! Drill Baby Drill!"

Wait. Weren't we talking about tax relief?

Black Beauty looks so perky. God, she is just such a cute little dog. That way her little eyes crinkle up when she smiles. "Energy Independence is the Key to the Future!"

"What do you mean, Black Beauty?"

"Reform of government and children of special needs. Pollo! 94 times voted for Pollo!" Black Beauty is watching the tv again. Whenever Biden talks, she starts making her cutey face. I can't listen so much to Biden because there goes gosh darn golly gee cute Black Beauty again with the cutey face. Black Beauty, you have such pretty teeth! Sanrio! Black Beauty, you are like from Sanrio! Joe Biden, you scare the children with your non Sanrio face. Black Beauty can only mug for the camera when Joe Biden talks. Sanrio! Hello Kitty and little penguins. Sparkly eyed little penguins!

Tonight we dream of little penguins. Ones that might be experiencing climate change but for all natural causes that might be emissions but not emissions caused by man. By other little penguins? Wait. Sanrio penguins or Alaska penguins? Are there penguins in Alaska? Or maybe extinct from global warming? I forget. I know they taught her that, deep down in the McCain Chamber of Quick Learning for tv appearances. So just ask Sarah Palin. She has all the answers.


Elf said...

She has all the answers but can't pronounce "nuclear." I don't know why that bothers me. Except that W can't pronounce it either.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Laura,

Please may I buy "Black Beauty Visits Alaska"? Also, I have been longing to own "Here Come the Forest Creatures". With these two pieces of artwork, I would be able to create my own TSD shrine out here in the wilderness between all those scary foreign counties. My heart would be broken if someone else got them before I remembered to check back at espy, so can you mark them reserved or something? Or can I just send you actual money and skip the espy thing?

Yah, that John McCain Rancho Academy of Public Speaking is pretty impressive. We should send all the poor people there for an education so they can have a chance at becoming Vice President too.

Kathy said...

We noticed "nuclear" too. How stooopid.

Anonymous said...

This is wayyyy better than the rest of the politial commentary!!! Black Beauty did a most fabu interview. I think she is ready for the big-time - Prez. Tash

team small dog said...

NucYouLer. I know. What is she thinking?

Alaska-you can paypal me directly for the Alaska drawing, bargain price since you are also named Alaska for 3 plus .75 shipping/handling. Just go to paypal and do Send Money and use the email laurah(atsymbol)plasticdisaster.com and include your address info in there, and I'll keep it off etsy. I think that's the easiest way to pre-reserve something.

Forest Creatures is being hung onto for now.

I will put more up on etsy next week-probably on Monday so if anyone is looking for other drawings, just check in there soon. Just got sorta busy.