24 September 2008

Weave Pole Wednesday

We're still trying.

A wire here, a wire there. A wire off, a wire on. MOST of the time we have poles, and then, as you shall see, sometimes, we just don't. You are welcome internet, for learning from my mistakes. Like hmmm. Wonder why he can do them towards the tunnel but not the other way. Who was too lazy to drag the tunnel down to the other end of the field to test?

I will say this. They are worse when I'm videoing. They are getting WAY better, but still not ready for primetime. Good thing this is cable. The internet. The blogosphere. Whatever. I predict in 2 weeks, we have weave poles. Because we're going to start taking them on the road this weekend.

Also. I make sheep noises for some reason when he's on the dogwalk. If you can suffer through that far. Sheep noises?

Hey, what's this note from Youtube on the video I worked so hard on last nite-"A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video Gustavo. Straight poles, sometimes crappy.. The audio content identified in your video is Love Machine by The Miracles. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback due to a music rights issue."

Smokey Robinson, you are blocking my video!

Has Youtube ever done this to you? Didn't block any of my OTHER videos I put soundtracks on but this one is blocked, rejectable, unplayable because the song is busted. Uh, Smokey really cares his song is on a dog agility weave pole video? Smokey, are you out there? Why me? EVERYONE on Youtube uses copyrighted soundtrack material. I am weeping the tears of a clown right now.

So choice they gave, republish with sound muted or keep it off Youtube. So it's on and muted now, I guess. Booo-Ring. This is not how I needed to start this day, Smokey Robinson and Youtube.


Elayne said...

ASCAP and BMI are the modern day KGB. I'm surprised they didn't try to charge you and threaten you with a lawsuit rather than just have YouTube block your video.

team small dog said...

Just what I need. More court over the dogs.
It was SO GOOD (relatively speaking, like let's say compared to my OTHER videos) with Uh Uh Uh You're Just a Love Machine!

Anonymous said...

the youtube detection was probably done by automagic software, rather than human. They call it "audio fingerprinting".

If you've got any audio processing software, try distorting the audio just slightly. (frequency shift, or maybe slight slowing down or speeding up?) something like that.

a human is not giving the thumbs up/down. So just think of the audio frequency behaviors a computer program might detect.

Anonymous said...

I was guessing, but here's stuff from the official google blog (they're talking about youtube, which they own)


"Even though we haven’t given too many details, we’ve been hard at work. Earlier this year we implemented audio fingerprinting technology from Audible Magic, to help identify the audio content of music partners like Warner Music, Sony BMG, and Universal"

Check out details at Audible Magic

Simba said...

Bummer about the sound!

Mel + Simba

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

I've been contacted by YouTube numerous times about my videos, since I always use song soundtracks and typically they are popular songs (so owned by a big record label). I have never had to mute/reupload, though -- typically you're allowed to use them and YouTube just puts some of the record label's ads on your page.

Muttsandaklutz said...

Darn you You Tube audiofingerprinting for blocking us from hearing TSD Captain making sheep sounds!

Anonymous said...

Creatives like musicians, artists, photographers, writers closely guard our copyrights, because it's what pays the rent, feeds us and the critters, etc. It's serious business to earn a living, when one and all want our product for free. You wouldn't expect to go in a store and carry out an item for free, right? Hurray for youtube! from me, a professional photographer.

team small dog said...

Well, hey professional photographer, hiya. I was for a long time a professional graphic designer, and worked with copyright, professional photographers, my professional illustration and illustrations of others as a way of life.

Adding a classic song, from the public domain and has been for a long, long while, onto an amateur video slapped together and put onto youtube for making zero dollars I believe falls into the creative expression not making a single clam on the appropriation of that song. Not a dime. Project. Like when someone downloads one of my photos off my website, slaps the head on their collage, and off they go on their merry way.

When they repurpose it as THEIR image, then we go lightly into cease and desist and copyright police. When they repurpose it as THEIR image and try to make some dime on it, full bore cease and desist and copyright police and notes from my attorney. Until then, my belief is spread the love.