27 September 2008

The election is freaking me out.

Tonight I raced home from work early to watch the debates.

If by watching, you mean drawing the guys with pens while also screaming at dogs who haven't been walked or run in like a week and who have developed tactics last seen in the WWF. Such as for example, Gustavo climbs to the top of the couch, carefully eyeing Black Beauty and Otterpop sitting quietly next to me. If by sitting quietly actually you just mean just little Black Beauty and Otterpop is chewing on a piece of rope and howling. And then WWF Gustavo, who clearly has the possessed look of demon, launches himself off the top of the couch at full speed, landing squarely on top of Otterpop. With a splat. Black Beauty sort of getting used to stuff like this and just continues to sit there. Insane dog running and toy attacking continues, and air strikes start again.

And someone is talking about Al Qaeda and torture and taxes although I can't really hear due to full blown howling ensuing.

I would say John McCain did not sound like a complete idiot, unlike his VP who all of you I'm sure saw the video of this morning on the internet talking about her next door neighbor Russia who is super naughty and she wants to spank it and that equals, like, Foreign Policy. I think Barack sounded way smarter though and just comes off less old and war mongery.

Although also, like I said. A lot of howling going on. But guys, McCain is old and creepy and looks like a mushroom. We are in a SUPER big heap of trouble if he wins and then a SUPER extra big heap of trouble if he wins and dies and the lady who used to live next door to Russia wins. Even though she's watching Russia. Like, come on. Team Small Dog has to go quite partisan here now for a while because really, it's just been a bad week. And a bad month. And a bad season. And really. We just don't want it to keep getting worse.


Elf said...

Debates? There were debates? You should take a week of vacation and go to Canada, like I did, where everything is so much more relaxed and so different. They're merely having...uh...elections. Right. And they have a candidate For Change and a candidate For Now. Something really different from what we have here. Right.

wishy the writer said...

Love ya, TSD! Especially your mushroom-head illustrations!