31 August 2008

USDAA Southwestern US Regional Report Part 2-Some Nice Things. Plus Not Nice Things.

A nice thing: Otterpop got her first Master's Gamblers Q. On one heckuva gamble! Wow! Totally exciting moment!

A not so nice thing: I destroyed another camera. My cute little snapshot camera is now dead. I have NO CAMERA. NO CAMERA. Apparently there is no camera that exists that I cannot destroy by simply owning it. Good thing I am all about court. I will provide you for now with courtroom sketches except not from the court room, from dog agility.

A nice thing: Gary came to visit the dog show! He got to see 3 of my runs-Standard with Otterpop, Ruby, and Hobbes. Gary NEVER comes to dog shows. He got to meet lots of dog agility friends and learn about dogs' feet touching yellow paint. In 1 short hour, became quite a contact afficianado.

A sort of nice yet not so nice thing: Otterpop was so besides herself with joy, that she prefaced her run by running over and out the ring to go see Gary, and even though she came back in and then went through the timers and knocked out one smashing run, she got 5 faults for holding up the show. Whatever.

A nice thing: Otterpop was so excited about Gary who now knows what contacts are watching her instead of judges that she didn't have a single judge freakout, with a judge who REALLY watches those contacts close. It was like my normal Otterpop with sheep watching her out there running! Even though the judge was still watching! Ha HA! Gary tricked you Otterpop, but not for the powers of evil but the powers of good!

A not so nice thing: A beautiful run being a 5 faulter due to her joy. Whatever.

A nice thing: Ruby had an awesome standard run.

A not so nice thing: It was after she had this whole moment of coming out of the chute in the beginning backwards, and sniffing around in the grass.

A nice thing: She snapped out of it, and then it was one heckuva old Ruby out there.

A not so nice thing: It was a 5 faulter. Leaving the chute backwards and meandering around the buffet table aka some GRASS for a while equals 5 faults.

A nice thing: Hobbes had a super awesome Standard run and even did a nice speedy t-a-b-l-e and no dropped b-a-r-s.

A not so nice thing: He had a couple mini meltdowns elsewhere in the day. I am worried he has been hanging around with my dogs too much?

A very bad thing: Steeplechase all around. Judge freakouts, bar crashing, a-frame refusals, just wretched. Let's just say no Steeplechase Finals on the last day of Regionals for Team Small Dog.

A nice thing: Grand Prix finals. Wow-2 good dogs! Otterpop was flying, and I ran her so fast down the contacts just to get her away from Scott the judge (Do you know him? He is one eagle eyed contact spotter from GETTING IN THERE REALLY CLOSE) that she missed one. I dunno which one even. I was just running and not watching with her. GET AWAY FAST! But I was really proud of her. Ruby had an awesome fast clean run, and was holding her own up there in the standings last I checked. Dunno how she ended up. Lots of dogs in the finals. But it was old Ruby back! Not sure where she's been, or how long she'll be here. But I was super happy to see her again! Thanks Ruby! Thanks Otterpop!

Uh, once again I don't think I can tell you who won stuff. There were so many awesome dogs and handlers there, it was really fun to watch as much as I could. Super cool to see all these dogs I've never seen and totally different handling styles. Arms this way and that and facing this way and that and rear crossing here and blind crossing there and just a blast to watch. Thanks everybody-I wish I could have took your picture! Will try to do some more sketching on the last day. Must draw super fast...


Chris and Ricky said...

Absolutely LOVE the sketches! Congratulations on a good day!

Urban Smoothie Read said...

love that drawing of the judge with a hat...

n congratulations to ruby n otterpop

sorry to hear about your poor camera though... but i hope u don't get another one too soon... we wanna enjoy more of your sketches!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, Laura, that I too like walking all four courses in the morning, then running them. Made me feel pretty good I didn't forget them! Guess I'm not as bad off as I thought! Congrats on your runs.

Double S said...



Yay TSD!!! We over here on the Island of Longness (all the way in NY) are very excited 4u.

Maybe it's a blessing that camera #2 pooped in its crate? Now we get to see your artistical side... to go with the gooder english, or course.

Congrats Captain and Dogs!

Elf said...

Congrats on the successes. RIP on the camera(s). I took my cameras with me this weekend intending to take tons of photos. Instead, I worked at the score table. And then worked at the score table. And then--well, worked more at the score table.

Your drawings are definitely entertaining. And probably easier to put labels on than photos anyway.