09 July 2008

In this episode, we relive one of the lesser fun moments of the dog show.

Masters Gamblers is our albatross bird hanging off our earlobes. Neither dog got the gamble this weekend. Non agility friends, go draw a line in the dirt. Now go stand behind your line. Then look out about 100 miles across the horizon to some things like jumps and tunnels. You will have to squint to see them glimmering, miragelike in the distance. Now just tell your dog to go out there and do this jump and then do this one the other direction then run into that end of the tunnel over there and then when you come out of it go over that jump that is 100 miles even farther away and then bring me a cocktail and don't forget a pineapple slice on the edge of the glass.


So I went to practice this morning before work and set up the exact gamble from the weekend. Was the first thing we did. Let me just see if they can just get out of the car and do that gamble from 100 miles away.

Yep. No problem. They are like, what's the big?

So I make some harder ones. With the dreaded weave poles. Weirdo turns. Coming in from weirdo angles. Throw a dogwalk in. Yep. No problem. That all you got for us?

You wacky little dogs.


Anonymous said...

Yep, if our dogs would do their runs like they did in our backyards we'd all have the super duper Qs.

Elf said...

I paced out the last jump because it looked wayyyy 100 miles out there, and and the *close* edge of the wing of #4 was just over 25 feet from the gamble line. The map shows it at 20 feet. So move everything out that much farther and see how they do.