07 June 2008

Yes, you have already seen this but just in case.

Some of you alerted me to this video right away. Likely, this means ALL of you have already seen it because I am known to always be slightly behind the curve. I don't know our friend Jef here, I googled him and it looks like he is a pretty shrewd agility competitor, but he is a man Team Small Dog's can relate to. Although I suspect his training laziness is feigned and not so much Actual like mine. I do like it when he offers his dogs puppy treats and they run away to do other frolicsome things. And his potty mouth gets bleeped out a whole bunch when he starts yelling at his dogs who are so highly trained as to know how to feign frolicking away!

And all you guys are trying to fix me up with him! I already HAVE an agility boyfriend you guys! But I think all of you will like Jef's video and you guys can be his new fans because he is pretty funny. It was nice knowing you. You can come back to me for cooking shows I guess.



Chris and Ricky said...

Yes, it's true that Jef's video is very funny, but it pales in comparison to the outrageously funny daily blogs from TSD! Thanks for making us laugh first thing every morning - it's a great way to start the day!

Simba said...

awww..TSD fo' life Laura!! LOL!

Yes, I thought about sending you the link..but figured it would get back to you..and it did! I laughed my ass off.

Don't worry..your readers are far too loyal. But I think he'd be a better boyfriend!


Anonymous said...

Jef is very tall. In my opinion too tall to make a good agility boyfriend for TSD.