24 June 2008

So you dog agility moms do this how?

Good god. Isn't there this giant subset of blogging called Mommy Blogging? It's like what the modern mom Does. She blogs. Maybe she's a good writer and maybe she's a crappy writer, but she's always a blogger. I am not really sure how she actually finds a second to go over to the computer and sit down and type with 2 hands. Maybe one hand would work. But only for like 2 minutes because there is going to be screaming, hitting, biting, farting, pooping, dropping, falling, like anything that is a verb and you can add an ing, it's going to occur while you sit down to type.

Then if it involves the internet is broken or anything weird with the computer, forget it. Downloading the photos? HA! Ideally moms have some dogs, because dogs provide great distraction for toddlers so you could do something like change the baby diaper or what have you while the toddler throws stuff at the dogs. And hopefully the dogs are toddler friendly enough to get it that the throwing of items at their heads or the spraying of the hose on them is actually fun and that takes up a good 30 seconds of the very long day.

Oh yeah. And don't neccessarily assume just because the toddler said they'd only spray the hose on the grass that that's going to happen. When the back door is open. And there's a lot of dogs.

It took me all of 2 days to just get that typed out. There is potty training. There are diapers. There are dogs EVERYWHERE and one of them ate a diaper and one of them is obsessed with the baby swinging back in forth in that little swing, that used to have some little stuffed animals hanging off of it. And let's just say there was one epic walk with a toddler, a baby, a bunch of dogs and that last half an hour was really pushing it and thank god grandma and grandpa really, really, really like their wine.


Karen said...

It's an art, trust me. My kids do torment the dogs, but at least they are old enough to go into time-out for it. Then there's Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go which helps to keep them occupied while I use both hands...yes...TWO hands...to type! :)

Oh, and play-doh is my friend...until the dogs start lapping up the chunks that fall to the floor.

I blog to keep myself sane. I do agility to give myself a vacation! :)

Anonymous said...

I think that last paragraph nailed it. I'm not smart enough to know what it is that professional writers strive for when they write, but I think it has something to do with using words to convey an image, and you, Captain, most definitely achieved that.

Anonymous said...

What I've liked about blogging is it is a lot easier to capture memories there than in those fancy dancy scrapbooking stuff.

It gets easier as they get older and if they are your own, you mold them to what you're willing to put up with.

wishy the writer said...

My motto in mothering, dog agility, writing and life: When all else fails, lower your expectations.

Benign neglect, I say! Benign neglect!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how one would raise children without dogs. I mean, when they are little, crumb patrol, alone...

Nowadays, when a teenager is out late at night and I start imagining all the bad things that could be happening to him, I settle into bed with Ariel lying politely next to me, and enter agility-Zen-meditation by playing over and over in my mind our last clean run, or playing over and over the last run we screwed up and how I could have fixed it. Before I know it, teenager is home, safely in bed.