19 June 2008

Really hardly working.

Team Small Dog hard at work. Life is rough. Mostly at work, they are required to Stay on the Deck and Do Not Chase the Cats. Do Not Bark at the Porta Potty Guy. So much for the busy life of a ranch dog. Due to the feral cats and the lawyers, they stay tied up. There's a couch on the deck, which they have to share with actual people some of the time. Frequently those people are eating lunches, which is a pretty big highlight of the day for the dogs. Mostly they just sleep in the sun. Or Ruby stares and trembles with every feral cat sighting. They take walks whenever one of my many helpers decides to take them strolling around.

That's their new cousin, a 4 month old giant black part Catahoula puppy. Who they are very mean to. Because she gets to sleep on the deck all day too. THEIR deck. And she is very, very sweet and very, very mellow, not at all like most of Team Small Dog. And they are old stuff, and she is new stuff, and she is a puppy and everyone goes CUTE! At her. Not them. And she gets the bone.

Gustavo, normally the sweetest dog in town, is awful to her. She is the new kid on the block and he isn't and he is a butthead and bites her on the nose even though she is already a gazilion times bigger than him. I suspect someday payback will come and he will be very, very surprised and feel his 12lb little size on that day.

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Urban Smoothie Read said...

pacco wish she could join in that pic