22 May 2008

We interrupt this whole dog thing for the Fire.

Well hey, nothing like a little fire to give you a bigger picture to worry about. Any of you heard about that giant wildfire in the Santa Cruz mountains? It was precariously close to my ranch all day, and this will just be a quick update for all of you that the ranch is ok, our horses are all ok. We did evacuate some of them out this afternoon when it was looking just too close for comfort, but we are hoping that nothing shifts tonight drastically tonight and we can leave the rest of them there and all good. The winds are supposed to subside overnight and hopefully they get it sort of contained.

So just figured some of you would be wondering, and I know how you get worried if I don't give you a nice story every day. But on the chance I am back out there tonight or early to move more horses, there you go. But I think it will all be fine, at least for us. I know hundreds of horses have been coming down from the hills, moving out to the fairgrounds. So I think we have been very, very lucky. I know, this was a very utilitarian, functional without frills message from your sponsors. But that is about all I can muster for you and just think nice wet and not windy thoughts for us all and mostly for everyone way up higher in the mountains. No crispy critters jokes. Horses and fires just really, really suck.


debnull said...

Thanks for the update Laura -- I was wondering about you and hoping everything was OK at the ranch and it's good to hear so-far-so-good. The winds are supposed to die down tonight. I don't know about wet but I read that we are supposed to have cooler than normal temps this weekend which should help with the fire fight.

- Deb (the other Deb)

vici whisner said...

Thanks for the update, been thinking of you and hoping all is well.