07 May 2008

This was a day involving some Serious dog training.

Right? They look pretty serious. Sort of. Gustavo, that's about as serious as he gets. I know. You were like, is she still trying to teach Gustavo agility? Did she just give up?

I am happy to report we practiced on the way to work, and he remembered everything. Remembered it good! I was sort of worried, because last time we didn't practice for a while, he just forgot a bunch of stuff. He learns so, um, differently than the other dogs, and sometimes he just doesn't retain information like I'm used to dogs doing. But he retained today! I made everything super easy-jump grids, jump to a-frame, tunnel to dogwalk, jump to teeter, jump to open channel poles. Didn't do any sequencing, weirdo turns. Super speedo little freak of correctness! His dogwalk contacts are a little frantic from all the tupperware training, so we need to beef those up again because his preferred contact is hit nose quick on target then just self release and RUN for tupperware! Which will be good someday like 2 years from now but not yet.

Otterpop got to practice. Ruby, being on vacation, had to sit there. Super dog torture. But I thought, how about seeing if she does obedience? Like when you WALK around and your dog prances next to you and listens to your every word like you are God although I think you aren't allowed to talk in it? Would not have been quite the right sport for me. Sport? Did I call it a sport? Activity? Hobby? Thing to fail at? But that's what Ruby got to do. Is no leaping in Obedience as I understand it. Get rewards for prancing which I believe is called Heel and then just sit there and not move or shake and lay there still? She bobs her head up and down and then starts doing roll overs when she lays there because she did not get the memo this is called Obedience and it is Very Serious. And then I had her sit and come when I called which was a bad idea because she just made a beeline for the closest jumps in a row assuming I was doing some kind of cracked out snookers leadout.

Clearly, we stick with agility. Obedience totally not our thing. She looked pretty normal though. I'm still keeping her on vacation but hopefully she isn't as broken as I was worried she was.


Anonymous said...

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Urban Smoothie Read said...

agility mutts are too wild for obedience!