26 April 2008

You just jump out of the car, grab a dog, and run.

So, I am careening off to work early, and, on a super busy day, leaving my partner with a whole mess of work and horses early so I can drive as fast as I can to the USDAA trial put on by my own club. So I can get there maybe in time to do Standard and Steeplechase. If I'm lucky. And maybe with 2 dogs if Ruby stays sound. And probably without walking the courses. AND, in a cruel yet typical twist of fate, it's a small trial, which means it should run smoothly and quickly and get everyone out of there early! Probably just as I am pulling into the parking lot! In the unseasonably hot heat. Sounds great right!


Urban Smoothie Read said...

salute 2 you for the capability of running the course without walking it!

Elf said...

I've seldom seen Photoshop(?) put to better use!


Anonymous said...

Did you make it in time? My son Zach is king of the no walk run. He's even won Steeplechase $$ without walking. He's weird that way:)

Hope all went well!

team small dog said...

I actually did get off work in plenty of time to walk my courses and run them. We will have exciting details tomorow. Well, maybe not that exciting but I will say no one barked at a judge.

I have gotten a lot more organized in my agility life. Getting to trials on time helps a lot. Having everybody in the Masters ring helps a lot. Not working every single class helps a lot. Gamblers and Snookers on the fly is always a treat! Someday far away, when Gustavo starts in the Starters ring, I am sure I will be back to my disorderly habits.

Lisa B. said...

I think I am Five Faulter's target demographic. Where can I subscribe?