25 April 2008

I learned how to do this from Oprah.

In the spirit of optimistic good attitude:

1. Do you love it when you get to have someone like a World Team Coach with a perfect dog be your pairs partner?

2. It is great to pay buckets of money to inject more joints on a 25 year old horse so she can walk around!

3. Some dogs just love to spend their whole lives on anti-inflammatories so they can run and jump!

4. That $245 spent on one month of gas to drive to work is stimulating the economy!

5. What fun would it be to have a dog who didn't start jumping her dog walk contact out of the blue 2 days before a trial?

6. Eating dinner is highly overrated.

7. Cindy Crawford has a big wart on her face and she is a super model!

8. Only part of my house is unlivable and unplastered and full of boxes, part of it is livable!

9. All the paint falling off the newly painted exterior gives it a neat vintage and spooky look!

10. Some people have to go to Alaska and hunt down wolves to hear loud, piercing howling!

11. A dog that walks super, duper, slow gives one time to stop and look into all the neighbors' living room windows.

12. A $5,000 tooth should be much whiter and shinier and hurt more than the other real teeth that came free because it is special.

13. Looking out for rangers is like a cool new hobby much like bird stalking.

14. No one threw a molotov cocktail into my kitchen as part of an ongoing dispute between 2 families in the Hollywood Gypsy community! That right there, good reason for optimism lucky number 14. I read the LA County homicide blog every morning and I know I will have a day less worse than every single person mentioned in there.

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Elf said...

Words to live by!