01 April 2008

I do agility today so the dogs don't have to.

I started out my training session with a pretty good toy. The little squirrel. Looking GOOD little squirrel!!

I did some fierce tugging. FIERCE, I tell you!

I think my nose touches are getting pretty solid on the end of the contact trainer. Notice that I've faded the target.

The weave poles seemed maybe somewhat sluggish today. I just wasn't feeling the hot dog love in my tupperware. Maybe was too hot for ugg boots.

Because of Hobbes, I try to make every table have a really low down and feel the love there.

I know my obedience skills suck. But I did try to end my session with some nice long down stays that I know will pay off in the future at the start line.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! You're crazy. Crazy small dog lady. I love it.

I've crawled through a tunnel and climbed an a-frame. I've even ridden my bike over my contract trainer... have yet to weave on my belly, that's a new one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Team Small Dog! For making me laugh out loud at 7:30 a.m.! The mystery of how you got Hobbes to go down on the table is now solved! When no one was around one day, you did the table, yourself, and he watched. You made it look like so much fun! I am now inspired to go do some teetering myself while Ariel watches. Sort of the Tom Sawyer approach to agility.

Urban Smoothie Read said...

u make my day!

i think executing it myself can make my dog understand better what i want...

great idea

Simba said...

Hahahahaha! Go Team Small Dog!! We're not worthy!! ;o)

always a pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Is that a long down or savasana?! Both are really good!

Elf said...

The nose touch is pretty good, but I notice that your eyes are still looking up at the camera for a reward. You need to be sure that you maintain your focus downward so that you don't start drifting away from that nose touch and thinking about leaving early.

Let's not pretend that this is all just a silly game. This is a serious sport, SERIOUS, and if you make tears of laughter roll down my cheeks like this again, you're going to get some serious crate timeouts!