10 April 2008

Glad to provide the dog agility community with all sorts of useful tidbits.

I have a thingy in my internet that tells me what you were searching on that brought you into Team Small Dog. Very creepy, no? It's like it saw you type that thing into your google window and came running back to tattle on you. To me. Little crybaby tattling internet thingy. So apparently I am providing a lot of useful content, because when you searched on this list of stuff, of course the first place the internet sent you was to Team Small Dog.

Smallest dog they're ever was

Attack classes for your pitbull on dvd

I want to cook for my very small dog

Sweatpants for dogs

Small dog tiara

5 horrible qualities in a person

Crack hangover

Dental office remodeling

Hello meth lab marfa

Scoring my clogs


Anonymous said...

Haha. So, after I got done laughing, I decided I didn't really believe all these searches would lead to TSD, so I tried typing them into google myself. Which didn't work, because of course they all now lead to this particular entry.

But google did helpfully ask, "Did you mean to search for: Smallest dog they'are ever was?"

Oh my. Further support for the hypothesis that the rotation of the earth is powered by English teachers spinning in their graves, as recently reported here:


Urban Smoothie Read said...

you sure has lots of variety to offer

Anonymous said...

I don't know what search led me to your site, but I'm sure glad I found it...I enjoy looking at what phrases searchers type before they land on my gardening with dogs blog! "Marshmallow Tree" is high on my list! FYI: Marshmallows DON'T grow on trees!