15 April 2008

Dog agility hair styles but not for dogs.

I like Sarah a lot. Because even though I give really bad advice, she keeps asking for more! Thank you Sarah! You are my kind of people! Determined, even if it is just barking up the wrong tree! But will bark up wrong tree as long as it takes to get the squirrel out.

Sarah brings up another interesting and crucial dog agility problem. Hairstyle and lack thereof.


Captain TSD:

A potential follow up [to the useless absolutely fascinating fashion information post] would be one on hair management strategies for Project Runway agility types, esp for those of us that have medium length 'dos that can't do the wadded up pony tail action and have heads that are large and weirdly shaped so that baseball caps don't work unless there is no wind and you aren't running and turning and moving your head a lot. Backwards baseball caps work better but that is just too over-the-top jock for an agility girl, if you ask me. Barettes?

Clearly, the agility world needs your expertise!


Once again, I feel your pain, Sarah. I too have medium length locks and I actually do the wadded up pony tail action under the belief that if I can't see it, then maybe neither can you. But when I think about it, yep, the guy behind me in line at the liquor store can and if you are waiting to go in the ring after me, so can you. Although you are probably tugging with your dog or having it do little tricks, and the guy in the liquor store line is probably looking at the 25 year old girl that is ahead of me in a really, really short denim skirt. So, we may be safe but probably not.

I have a few hair strategies. One was the cutting it short strategy. Let's take a trip back in time, back to when that pink flowering bush in my yard was still alive. Currently, it is dead. That is me and gardening. This hair cut was fun for like 5 minutes, everyone said "Cute!!" but what I felt was hair in my eyes at all times and then you are doing a front cross and you brush it out of your eyes and there your dog goes into the tunnel thinking you meant flickaway. Don't confuse your serpentine with the flickaway, and certainly don't because you have a new hair cut. I believe I had experimented with some Miss Clairol of the Orange variety at this point in time as well.

So let's fast forward into time. Today for instance. My hair looks like this today. This is not at all a useful hair cut for anything except standing in front of a camera in the bathroom.

So usually I just stick it in a hat. I have a lot. This one is like a warm hat but also like a baseball hat! Could also be combined with the hair wad tail.

This one is actual baseball hat. Which is what I end up wearing at work a lot too. It is our summer look. Let's not forget about shading our delicate eye area from the wrinkling sun rays. I have not had the wind problems Sarah speaks of but perhaps I have a differently weirdly shaped head than she does. Or it's not as windy here.

When it's cold I always enjoy a nice beanie. I have a million of these. Because I lose them. Cold weather is our hair friend because it's hard to go wrong with a beanie.

Here I am about to demonstrate the hair wad pony tail. That is actually really hard to take a picture of without a helper. Am using great concentration.

Aha. Got it. A lady of many talents. But good hair is not one of them. Because I wore a hair wad pony tail all day today!

Let me just stick that hoodie back up. Um. Sarah. Once again, I'm not sure where we've gotten here.

I am not feeling the barettes.

I have tried headbands but I do believe these are a secret weapon of stylists and to look good actually need to be styled and the common, non hairstylist toting plebian should possibly not attempt unless you want to look sort of weirdly foreheady with lumpy hair sticking up at the top.

There is the potential of REALLY short, waify hair but then you have to remember to get it cut a whole bunch and also you need to have a lovely shaped head, not a head shaped at all melony or zuchini like or like anything from the vegetable kingdom. I believe mine to be eggplant!

To sum up. Did I give any advice here? We were supposed to be talking strategy. Once again, it is possible I have come up a little short. We will be sure to start taking notes next dog show we have, in a couple weeks, when we see some good hair, and get back to you with that strategy. In the meantime, just use the hoodie.


Anonymous said...

How about some fashion tips on what attendees should wear to a top notch agility event assuming they are friends of a certain trainer that follow your stunning hair strategies?

Simba said...

LOL!!! Be grateful you don't have my super bushy afroesque do!! (think Scary Spice)

I'm a BIG fan of the baseball hat/wadded up ponytail!!


Anonymous said...

I'm fast becoming a fan of the double-french braid. (And regretting my decision to try out bangs six months ago, I'm still paying for that one.)

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a wad ponytail person... I used to care about whether a hotel had a hairdryer.. but when budget is tight I get tired of lugging one around and out comes the wad ponytail.

Anonymous said...

My daughter does this really cool doo that lasts like a week and she gets tons of ooooos and aaaahhhhhs over it. It is not to hard and impervious to wind, rain, sleeping, etc. Very low maintenance and you can use rubber bands that match your team colors. The bad thing is that is creates a bazillion parts, which sunburn and viola you have an itchy, ouchy, flakey head as demonstrated at last Saturday's track meet:( She also won't let me do her hair for her in this doo because she said it pulls and feels tight like a face lift. Hmmmm maybe that's bad for her, but good for us older agility ladies:)

Urban Smoothie Read said...

next time try 'punk'!

OBay Shelties said...

Wow I am really impressed with the wad; I think that is very chic but then again I have absolutely no taste in clothes or hair. Anyway Much better than my plain pony tail. I am in a bang growing out stage and it really messes up my handling! :-)
I think you have hit on a real problem for the real agility women.On his last trip home to NY my husband brought me back two baseball caps...and I was so happy!

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

I'm boring, I just put mine in a ponytail. HOWEVER, if you have not found the new Goody stay-put hair elastics, you are seriously missing out. They really don't eat your hair (I promise!) and will hold even the crappiest two-bit ponytail for a whole day.

I actually got them as a free sample in a hotel room a couple of months ago and have been hooked ever since. AND they don't stretch out like regular pony tails -- I still have my original sample pair!