22 April 2008

Cooking With the Team-Smoothie and Meatballs

We've been busy around here and maybe not practicing as much as we'd like. So today I'm going to teach you how to make a delicious, healthy delicacy that is perfect for a nice snack before you do some agility.

You get the smoothie, and the dogs get the meatballs. I get them Mini Party Meatballs from Trader Joe's. Very, very popular with all dogs and fit perfectly into blue ikeaware.

First you need some strawberries. I like to buy them from the lady that sells them sometimes on the corner near my house. I buy a lot. Usually about $10 for a giant box. I like strawberries.

You get to use the blender for this! Is like the power tools of cooking! If you are lucky, your refrigerator makes ice and does NOT shoot it out the ice hole without stopping until you plug it up with a plastic bowl. Pour some ice in the blender.

Add some yogurt. I enjoy vanilla. Put in enough to feed a large cat.

I don't know what I'm doing here. Measuring yogurt for cats?

Here you go. A great tip is-PUT THE LID ON TOP OF THE BLENDER BEFORE YOU TURN IT ON! Just trust me why.

Add some juice. You can use any kind. I used to do graphic design for this kind of juice so I use that because I still like their packaging. It is scarey to add the juice if the blender is still on!

Here is where the fun starts. Peel a banana and throw that baby in while it's blending!

And your strawberries! It is like basketball with a dangerous motor trying to fling stuff around your kitchen! Almost a contact sport!

Mmmmm. It should be pink. And frosty goodness.

Don't forget to wash the blender because Gary gets really, really mad when there is smoothie everywhere. You are ahead of the game if you remembered the whole lid thing on and didn't throw your strawberries in from too far away.

Here's why we like smoothies. Look at that ass. Makes Otterpop look petite and spry. She's going for a meatball.

Ruby going for her meatball. She usually grabs the ikeaware and weaves back through with it in her mouth. I have to confiscate her ikeawares sometimes. Her poles are looking just like they used to, so we are very excited to see if this holds through things like Steeplechase and if Snooker has poles for 7's this weekend. Because we still don't have ANY Super Q's.

Then ya gotta run in and play for a little while. There's Ruby and Otterpop attacking the weird fox stole thing I found hanging in a tree one day.

Gustavo has just been rockin' his poles all the time. The meatballs make him pretty frantic though and can actually cause pole popping to get faster to the ikeaware so I have been staying with him in the poles. They are almost set straight now, just a teensy ways to go. Want all that popping to go away before I close the channels all the way.

There's Gustavo and Otterpop attacking the fox thing. We do meatballs, then tugging. Do you ever notice how Otterpop seems to creep into an awful lot of pictures? Enjoy your recipe!


Elayne said...

Thank you for the recipe. This is perfect timing because I've been meaning to make more smoothies and the strawberries are finally coming back to the grocery store.

Good point about the lid, I'll make a note of it. I too have a husband who doesn't appreciate my kitchen messes and the lid could be key here.

Double S said...

Capt TSD:

You can also use the frozen berries from Trader Joes. Then you don't have to use ice. Add a drizzle of maple syrup for complete yumminess.

Gotta go make a smoothy now. Maybe it will conquer my head-cold-from-hell so that I can go to the tracking seminar this weekend without wanting to die!

Anonymous said...

Is your hair curly and glamorous in that fox photo? is that agility fashion stuff again?

team small dog said...

That glamorous hairstyle in the fox photos is courtesy wearing hair wad pony tail all day-you can sort of see it in the smoothie making-and it gives your hair the beautiful, bouncing curls to wear under a hat that last for like 10 minutes-just enough time to do everyone's weave poles.

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