20 March 2008

We take a break from dog agility reporting for Marfa.

First deer says to the second deer-"Where could we possibly ever be safe? They would shoot us with assault rifles in the field. I think people in Marfa might have assault rifles too. And pretty soon, all the dog owners in California will carry them. You know, to defend themselves against the Rangers."

Second deer says to the first deer-"We would be safe inside the Marfadome. That's where. And I think there is a desert next door and room for the horses and dog agility and everyone to just run."

My husband says, with the look on his face that means You And Your Hairbrained Schemes, over his dead body would he ever move to Marfa. Normal people do not just move to Texas from California. Well, he also said No More Dogs and No More Taxidermy in the House.

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Elf said...

Boost is looking at me concernedly again because I am laughing out loud while sitting at the computer. She thinks that's abnormal. I don't do it much.