12 March 2008

Hello and Welcome to the movie Giant

OK. Let's take a break from exhausting ourselves over tugging vs. treats. Goodness gracious does that get us riled up. Because last night, I finally watched Giant!

Giant was filmed in 1956 in Marfa, Texas. As part of our Marfa Film Festival, it is pivotal! Everyone should see it before Blood for Oil. There Will Be Milkshakes. You know what I mean. It is sort of like a Texan Gone With the Wind, and is about race, class, gender and oil and cattle! Who knew? I just thought it was all about the cowboys. It is 3 hours long, and never ONCE PUT ME TO SLEEP! I know you are all very busy people, so this will be quick. This is my new favorite movie ever!

This is the famous Reata Ranch of Marfa.

Besides having a social justice message and Marfa, it has:

square dancing

Texas parades

super fierce 50's evening wear


cowboys driving across marfa in convertibles

scenic vistas with ranch gates and vintage typography

Join me for a Whirlwind tour of Giant!

Rock Hudson meets Liz Taylor when he goes to Maryland to buy her horse. They get married and move to Marfa! Where he is the king of all ranchers, with the biggest ranch which is a huge chunk of Texas. His name in the movie is Jordan Benedict and also Bick.

Liz's horse bucks off Rock's sister Luz, who ALWAYS speaks in ranch lady voice, and kills her. But that means James Dean gets some land for some oil wells! No one likes James Dean, whose movie name is Jet Rink.

James Dean strikes it rich. He was poor, but didn't hate Mexicans. Rock was rich, and did hate Mexicans. Liz was rich, but didn't hate Mexicans, but was a woman.

Rock and Liz have 3 kids. Dennis Hopper will play this kid soon. This one hates his new pony.

James Dean becomes rich with the oil will have a parade soon!

Liz and Rock sleep in seperate beds like Lucy and Ricky.

James Dean puts a lot of oil wells on Reata Ranch because none of Rock and Liz's kids want to grow up to become Ranch Kings and grow cows. They just want a pool and a plane.

Look, it's Dennis Hopper who marries a Mexican woman and becomes a doctor. His movie sister wants a small ranch and the wild sister almost has sex with James Dean then goes to Hollywood.

James Dean invites everyone to the city he buys for a party and has a total "I drink your milkshake" meltdown.

They all go home and on the way Rock gets his ass kicked in a diner over racism by Sarge and they all return to the ranch for a happy ending based on civil rights.

I am not even kidding, at over 3 hours long, it did not put me to sleep! There was only one dog in it, James Dean had a spotty dog when he was poor. There he is, under the oil well that started it all.

Many horses in this movie and one horse will die but you don't have to see it happen. Rock Hudson shoots it himself, that pesky Whirlwind the expensive stallion.

There you go. I think you will like this movie if you like Marfa, horses, 50's clothing, cowboy hats and dog agility. Whew. If you made it all the way through here, I commend you with a click and treat and you just keep scrolling down for more dog agility. You know me. Sometimes I just have to go to Marfa.

Oh and PS. I did put poles in a little sequence for Gustavo yesterday. With some wires on the entries and channels, but still. Guess whose puppy has weave poles now? Thanks chickens who died for his hot dogs!


Elf said...

Wow, I should go to this movie theater more often! The plots are so much clearer here!


Anonymous said...

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