02 February 2008

If it's raining, it must be USDAA.

Gonna try the deluxe dog show method for Sunday and fork out that $45 to stay in luxury digs tonight. Motel 6 baby. Sometimes, ya gotta live large. It's a splurge, instead of my usual power drive out there, but we're going to Turlock and that drive makes me cranky.

I know. The glamour of it all is killing you. It always does. Right? Loading 12 muddy paws into the car, driving through cow country for a couple hours, sleeping in a motel where I am afraid to take off my socks and actually touch the floor with bare skin, then getting up early and doing the whole dog show thing in what is potentially unpleasant weather without a covered arena. Like as in, wet and cold weather that makes your skin hurt and everything feel clammy. Outside, on wet grass, next to a highway and industrial strength train tracks. Like if we're really lucky, pouring rain with winds every time a dog is supposed to go run around the course. Slipper contacts! Jumps blowing down! Scratching the dog.

I had to check on google. Does Barack Obama have a dog? Not yet. But he has promised his kids that they'll get one if he makes it into the White House. I am pretty sure it's not going to be a lab. The Clinton's maybe have labs still. But Hilary just doesn't ever do photo ops with the dogs. She is in the Clean Run demographic, but I'm just not feeling the dog agility from her. Or dogs in general. Any potential from the Obama kids? Like would they get a border collie and let it go after the frisbee on the White House lawn? They could name it Huckabee. Or Mitt. Or just stick with the basics. Cocker spaniel. Shepherd mix. Maltese?

Oh sorry. Weird segue way? I know. Nothing to do with Turlock. But we have to vote next week and things to ponder whilst driving through those cow fields this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Turlock, Motel 6, wind, rain, slippery contacts...must be dog agility. I hope you do well, Laura!
What about a boxer in the White House with tunnels and teeters on the front lawn? And children running around with little pieces of cheese in their hands wearing sundresses with clogs (clogs are a must).
On another note, I just ran in Pogonip with the dogs and someone there told me about a place people have been taking their dogs off leash. It's to the left of Longs Marine Lab, next to the trailer park. Anyone been there? Would it be a good place for Kacie (puppy)?

team small dog said...

I've been to that spot sometimes. It's pretty far from road, and does have a cliff on one side, a wall for the trailer park on the other. It's a nice path to walk around though and I've rarely seen anyone else there when I've been there.