14 February 2008

I guess we could say this is in honor of valentines.

OK. During those weird days when I was all high on cupcakes or my newly appointed job as Sunshine Czar or whatever, all these important issues were happening and it was like my head was just stuck in the sand or the sun and I'm finally coming around.

That was scarey for a moment.

So like, first of all. Who do we like better for First Lady?

If it is Mrs. Barack, Oprah is going to be all over that one like meatballs. You know she is going to totally be Michelle's new Best Friend from moment one. And I think Oprah has switched from Cesar Milan to Hollywood Dog Trainer of the Stars for her evil little cocker spaniels. So when the Daughters Barack get their first border collie puppy, dog agility people-it is the uprising! Unless they are forced to get a cocker spaniel. Or a golden retriever. Oprah is the one with the power in this relationship. But it could start with throwing treats at it for a sit, it will end with the whole White House Easter Egg Hunt/Helicopter Pad Lawn a giant field of dog agility items! Good job! And also, Mrs. Barack, she has the style of First Ladies already totally built in. She sports classic First Lady hair already! You go search on her in google, Michelle Obama, and you see for yourself. Click on the images tab. Picture her and Oprah on a commerative hand painted plate for your wall. With their dogs. Nice!

Now, if it is Mrs. HIllary, it would actually be Mr. Bill. We will just call him First Lady for now, although a new title may have to be invented for this situation. I think he has loosened up his image even more since he's been thrown out of the White House. A little bit more Southern Guy who lives in a Tony Soprano type house in NY with somewhat untrained lab who still likes to occasionally jog and golf and hang out with the ladies and party on Garth. There's a sentence for my grammar friends! There is no dog agility equipment going up near the helipad with Bill in there. You know how those labs can get so fat. Maybe the lab would have to stay tied up on a chain outside so this one doesn't run into the street. I bet that there are a lot of busy streets near the White House. Occasional tennis ball throwing. Commemorative plate value? Not so much. Maybe if Project Runway Chris was the stylist.

OK, so one idea of great popularity I hear is Hilary and Barack as president and vice president. I can't remember who is who. But, how about Hilary and Mrs. Barack, if not for president and vice president, at least on the Franklin Mint plate? They are like Salt-N-Pepa! Mandrell sisters! And then we make sure that we get a dog into the White House too.


Elf said...

Letting me near a computer and any kind of software tools can be dangerous, too. I SO needed to photoshop that first photo onto a commemorative plate, and even though I have a document that needs about 12 hours of work and is due by the end of the day today and it's now 11, wiser heads did not prevail (boost's and tika's, whose heads' legs haven't even been taken for a walk yet) and here you go: Laura's comm plate.

I blame *you personally* for this wasted time.


team small dog said...

thank you for the nice michelle and hil plate! that is the horrible danger of working at home. when you just cannot resist something that needs photoshopping!

Elf said...

I think of it as training for the as-yet-to-be-determined situation. Like someday they might have a Top Computer Abuser TV show, where they load tons of software onto a computer and you have to be able to use more of it than anyone else.