23 January 2008

Will I go to hell for writing Martin Luther King and civil rights and dog rights in the same paragraph?

Hey there's Laura and friend of Team Small Dog Mary! Holding up candles in the rain. Did someone die, besides Heath Ledger? Are we late for honoring Martin Luther King? Naw. That whole stupid Lighthouse Field thing that just never dies. Yeah, we're still walking the dogs out there and on the beach. No one is writing us tickets yet and like what is this, 6 years later? We are still at Santa Cruz City Council meetings, except this time standing outside holding damn candles like someone died. Thanks Kate for taking this flattering chin photo. It is called a candlelight vigil nice quiet protest. Irritation all around.

OK, so speaking of activism and what have you, here's another little craw catching little snapper. The AKC has a survey about possibly letting dogs who are Not Purebreds joining dogs who are Purebreds in dog sports. But probably in Separate classes, and maybe not at high levels. Separeate, and not equal. Sort of like you can ride the bus but get on the back of the bus and try not to take up too much space but you have to pay the same bus fare as everyone else. So like, civil rights for bigger human issues it ain't but how irritating is that? I'm not going to any candlelight vigils on that, but If you want to take their survey which gives you an opportunity to write in a little comment such as perhaps one about the bus, then here's the link: AKC SURVEY . I don't do AKC and wouldn't even try to "ILP" (indefinite listing privilege-a Privilege where you can say your dog is Probably a purebred with a cunning photo even though you have no Papers and register them so you can compete in agility or obedience shows) my dogs because the whole thing just smacks of getting to the back of the bus. But there you go. Don't we have bigger things to worry about around here?

Also at the dog candlelight thing, they wanted us to sing protest songs with words about dogs frolicking in the fresh air to the tune of These are a Few of My Favorite things. Ya dig? Let's just go stick our heads in a hole right now and scream until it's time for a cookie.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I have lots of commentary! Especially about gratitude to Team Small Dog for posting this flattering chin photo! Thanks Kate! Yes, Team Small Dog, too many symbols at once on a cold rainy Tuesday before dinner and beer! I kept looking at my candle holder. I was holding a candle with a little dress on which was a logo that contained a Christian cross! It was making me confused. And Heath Ledger had just died! Talk about a confusing person-symbol! And I just got in big trouble for jumping into a listserv discussion about white privilege. Now half the people want me to come back to moonlight at my old college! and the other half do not! So are Companion Species a Manifesto cause, or not? I have commentary!! But it's time to go to work! Guy Blancke has been detained at the Canadian border where there is great Alertness for Terrorist Types! I have to write a letter in support of Guy! He is kind to dogs! Can terrorists be kind to dogs? No commentary. Letter!

team small dog said...

Ah the slippery slope of race, class, gender. And species!

Once I trained IBM's computer named Qbic to find images of race, class, gender and species in art historical images. I outlined people and dog heads on like 1000 scanned slides of famous paintings of people of different races, classes and genders and dogs and horses and made sure you could see their ears. I didn't really tell the race class gender people who had the grant how I did it. Like it was just me. Outlining. But it looked like the computer was finding race, class and gender! Everyone was amazed! They sent me to Paris France! I gave fancy lectures in flowy pants. I kept telling people about the ears but they just kept believing it was the magic computer. Except for the computer people. They would just giggle. Race class gender people were confused by the species. I just liked dogs and horses.

I will not even ask why Guy was detained. I will just note Guy is a "character."

Anonymous said...

Wow. That sounds really relaxing, that outlining of 1,000 scanned heads of people and dogs. Why can't life be doing relaxing things? I really don't like writing. But I really do like responding with commentary. I would respond all day to Team Small Dog, if I didn't have to do other, non-relaxing things. Almost every single line of Team Small Dog is response-worthy. I would respond 1,000 times without blinking. Fancy lecture in flowy pants, not so much. But I'm short and block-jawed, not tall and stylish.

Guy didn't do anything wrong except engage in an extremely dysfunctional love relationship and overstay his visa, I think. These things were related in complicated ways that I don't fully understand since I began to glaze over during the long and complicated explanation. Texas was a factor, as well, I believe. You have to be sympathetic about that. I mean, look what's happened to the U.S. because of the Texas factor. I am also sympathetic because I overspend on my VISA, which is all my own fault, but I still end up in trouble. So, I guess it could happen to anyone. Poor Guy. I bet he is really missing his dogs.

Anonymous said...

Note on Guy Blancke. His problem is that he overstayed his Work Visa. Nothing sinister, just didn't renew Visa in time.